Pineapple Benefits,Why consume pineapples for Weight Loss?

Known for their juicy sweet taste, pineapples are one of the most popular fruits in the tropics. Also known as nanas, ananas or pina, pineapples come packed with numerous essential nutrients, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, antioxidant, calcium, manganese, potassium, cysteine proteinases, copper, bromelain, and minerals. The fruit is totally fat-free, cholesterol free, therefore is an ideal weight losing aid. Although the fruit is usually eaten raw, it can also be used in preparing different types of tasty recipes.

People who have a hard time trying to digest proteins can benefit a lot from the enzymes found in a pineapple fruit. This group of people should ensure that their meaty meals are accompanied by pineapple desserts so as to help break down the troublesome proteins. Apart from this, pineapples are good in the prevention of digestive cancer due to the high amount of vitamin C and antioxidant agents found in it. Basically, vitamin C and antioxidant agents found in a pineapple fruit are helpful when it comes to fighting off free radical cells that cause cancer, especially stomach and colon type.



A pineapple fruit is also helpful when it comes to relieving inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been proven that drinking large amounts of pineapple juice on a daily basis can help eliminate intestinal worms from the digestive system naturally. Consumption of pineapple fruits is known to boost the immune system. When the immune system is working properly, such ailments as flu and colds are easily prevented. Because of the amounts of bromelain found in a pineapple fruit, such respiratory infections as bronchitis can easily be contained. If you have a sore throat, the natural way of relieving the symptoms is drinking a lot of pineapple smoothie.

Apart from the above health benefits, pineapples are diuretic and are a natural body cleanser. The fruit is also high in vitamin C. It also helps to hasten the healing of wounds after either an injury or surgery. Furthermore, for those suffering from tuberculosis, the fruit is known to be helpful in dissolving the mucus. And as they are rich in manganese, they help in building bones and making connective tissues. Typically, the fruit strengthens the old people’s bones as well as the growth of young people’s bones.

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Most people believe that calcium, dairy products, among which is milk, are primary elements which lead to the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. But, did you know that the pineapple contains manganese, an essential benefit mineral in the constitution of the conjunctive and bone tissue? A glass of pineapple juice contains approximately 73% of the daily necessary of manganese, which is recommended for a healthy nourishment.

Top pineapple benefits:

1. Coughs and colds. While the majority of people look for vitamin C supplements or orange juice when they feel a cold or a cough coming, most of them don’t know that the best choice is the pineapple. The pineapple has not only the same components as the orange juice, but it also contains bromeliad, which acts upon the mucous and suppresses a cough.

2. Anti-inflammatory. Are you suffering from osteoarthritis or joint pains? Because bromeliad is such an anti-inflammatory, you should consume at least half a glass of pineapple juice. It’s a beneficent way to ease your pain.

3. An efficient help in digestion. Another valuable benefit of the pineapple is that it contains the proteolytic enzyme, which, by definition, decomposes proteins. Thus, the pineapple helps the organism digest and efficiently use proteins.

4. For pregnant women. Nausea can be difficult to bare for women with child. The consumption of fresh pineapple and nuts can reduce that state.

5. Reduces of allergies. As research shows, consumed daily, these fruits reduce allergies and sinus related problems.

6.  Reduces blood clots. Another benefit of the pineapple is also known for the fact that it prevents the development of blood clots. Studies show that pineapple consumption can considerably reduce this risk.

7.  Gives you a boost of energy. The pineapple is an excellent manganese source, a co-factor for a great number for important enzymes in producing energy and anti-oxidant protection.

All in all, a pineapple fruit contain more than 85% water and is quite high in fiber. As such, its consumption means you will stay full for longer, thus reducing the urge to frequently eat. This, in turn, helps in weight loss. Additionally, eating pineapples daily can help prevent such diseases as cancer, heart disease, gout, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and bone disease among others.