Which Orange Juice Has The Most Vitamin C?

Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C and Give Better Health Effect?

Which orange juice has the most vitamin c? People think hard to find the answer to this question. Is it the difference between orange in can and cartoon? Of course, fresh orange is better than frozen one, but you need to know that several factors determine the level of vitamin C. As a matter of fact, one orange juice might get more than twice vitamin C than other might. Two common factors involve in this matter. There are natural environment and packaging.

Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C?

Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C?

Orange is fruit that almost easy to find in many countries from tropical to subtropics. Certain country considers orange as a national product. Growing orange in an area where night is longer than the day will make high vitamin C. Temperature involves significantly to develop the capability for orange to produce vitamin C. Besides night and cool temperature, the desert is also the right place to produce orange with high vitamin C level. The plant needs to prevent water or liquid from evaporating easily. Vitamin C has the capability to absorb water and make to stay inside the plant. Of course, orange will use this capability ultimately.

Organic orange is also high vitamin C due to natural soil and less chemical intake. You can create an orange juice with pure vitamin C from organic one. Which orange juice has the most vitamin c? Organic is safer than desert production because vitamin C is at the normal level. On contrary, chemical and pesticide dissolve capability to maintain vitamin C.

The second factor is packaging or postproduction. Fruit is fragile product and cannot stay longer in the fresh condition. They need to be processed to preserve compound then distribute to store. Fresh orange juice is the most vitamin C at all. People cannot consume orange at once, so the frozen mode is the right choice. Orange is able to keep at the longer time, usually one week. Orange juice also comes in various storages. There are a glass bottle, plastic bottle, can, and carton. Which orange juice has the most vitamin c? You can pick glass bottle as a top choice due to stable storage. However, the company sees this product is high cost, so can and the carton is the most popular products on market. Both of them contain less vitamin C due to many processes, which reduce original compound up to fifty percent.

Environment and processing method are top factors that involve the level of vitamin C. Which orange juice has the most vitamin c? You know the right answer to prevent pick the wrong choice.

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