What is a Smoothie?

Drinking a smoothie every day is great since it can promote our health. We will be healthier and fresher with a smoothie. However, some people may not realize whether what they drink is juice, shake, or smoothie.  Those who get mixed up with juice and shake should know what smoothie really is. Smoothie is a kind of beverage made from raw vegetables, fruits, the liquid such as milk, juice, yoghurt, and sweeteners that are blended together.

This kind of beverage has three parts—the type of liquid, the variety of vegetables and fruits, plus the ice. Some people like the vegetables and fruits cold, so they don’t need ice anymore. Judging from the ingredients, the smoothie must be thicker than the juice and shake. This thickness really depends on the ingredients. If you want something thicker, just add more vegetables and fruits, or vice versa. It is also great if you add some powders of vitamins and flavors into the smoothie. To make it more interesting, some people with smoothie business would like to add slices of lemons, chopped fruits, and mint leaves. With this great appearance, who isn’t alluded by smoothie?

Strawberry smoothie with yogurt

Strawberry smoothie with yogurt

The Difference between Smoothie and Shake

Recipes of smoothies may have chocolate syrup, honey, and other sugary addition and ice cream. However, traditionally smoothie is only added with natural ingredients. The additional of processed sugar and dairy products are for the beverage called shake.

The Difference between Smoothie and Juice

Unlike Smoothie, juice contains the extraction of fruit and vegetable liquids. You can see that Smoothie is healthier since the beverage is full of original fibers from the vegetables and fruits. All the things in and on the vegetables and fruits such as seeds, skin, and other parts are included in a smoothie. Yes, the juice is good for ill people being treated or people having limited capacities of digest system. On the other hand, with the great content of fiber that provides fat and protein, smoothie becomes a balanced meal that makes us feel full. Surely, a smoothie is great for those wanting to reduce weight. Smoothie is also higher in nutritional value since it doesn’t need a process like juice. So, the juice is considered an additional drink that should be combined with other nutritious foods. Both of them are considered the cause of a quick rise in blood sugar for their natural sugars though.

Types of Smoothies

  1. Fruit Smoothie which is made from fruits with a sweet flavor.
  2. Healthy Smoothie which is made from vegetables and fruits that are added with vitamin powders. This is to provide macro nutrients and vitamins naturally.
  3. Losing-Weight Smoothie which is made from vegetables and fruits without an addition of sugar. For the fat, flax seed and almond butter are added. To reduce the appetite, people will use green tea or coffee that can reduce appetite and increase metabolism. see more How to Lose Weight Fast on a Vegetarian Diet.
  4. Green Smoothie which has dark-green color. It is the spinach and other vegetables or fruits with the green color that produces the color.
  5. Smoothie for dessert. It is usually added with sugar and fat from syrups and ice creams. This kind of smoothie will taste like a shake.

Smoothie Ideas to Make

  1. Ingredients:

Use liquid such as water, soy milk, coconut and almond milk, dairy milk, tea, coffee, yogurt, or fruit juice to make a smoothie. If you have chosen the liquid, choose vegetables and fruits. If you want the ones containing more juice, then you won’t need more liquid. If you want the ones that are more frozen, you obviously won’t need more ice. To have a thick smoothie, people usually will choose bananas. Not to mention the bananas taste that goes great with almost anything. After that, choose your favorite fruits and vegetables. If you wish you may add powders of vitamins, seeds, oats, and flavors. Last but not least, add some ice. Remember, the ice quantity depends on the choice of fruits and vegetables.

  1. The Way to Blend

Use your blender to mix the ingredients. With a great blender in a good condition, it takes maximum ten seconds to blend all of the ingredients. Don’t be too ambitious by adding more ingredients into the blender since they won’t be blended well. check out our easy guide how to use a juicer.

Making Smoothies

If you Love in learning more, you check out our easy how to make a smoothie guide.

Smoothie Recipes

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It’s great to drink smoothies undoubtedly. Its ingredients and the process to make it surely will make use healthier. Are you ready to make a smoothie by yourself? Good Luck!