10 TIPS to Lose Weight for Teenage Girls

Almost all teenagers have self-awareness of their body, especially if it can lose weight a few pounds. The secret to losing weight quickly and safely is not really a secret: that is, consuming fewer calories than burned daily and exercising regularly, even if it’s just a quick walk. Actually, this is not hard to do, but the difficult thing is to do it consistently. Whenever your spirits are down, remember that there are millions of people who have problems like you. Keep the spirit for the long term and eventually, you will be able to lose weight as you wish.

In adolescents with obesity, both adolescent men and women, lose weight is important and highly recommended. But surely it must be done right. If you are a teenager and want to lose a few pounds in the right way, then this article will discuss it.

weight loss tips for teens

weight loss tips for teens

The best thing to overcome obesity in teenagers is to limit your caloric intake and increase physical activity such as exercise. Adolescents still need nutrients from food to support their development. Therefore it is not advisable to do extreme ways such as strict dieting as a step to achieve ideal body weight. The best thing to do is to limit your intake of calories, sugar, and fat.

This article provides the information dealing with 10 Ways to Lose Weight for Teenage Girls, consider the following ways:

  1. Drinking Much Water

Try to avoid other drinks and drink only water and tea without sugar. Whitewater is the best liquid for you not to dehydrate because water helps the body to burn fat and keep the skin clean without acne.

  • As an added bonus: just drinking water means you are not drinking water given sugar or energy drinks, which can contain up to 800 calories for each drink. Just think, one drink already contains almost half of your daily calories! Whitewater is a healthy drink, tastes good, and is an important part to keep you slim.
  • If you always feel hungry after a meal, try drinking a large glass of water or green tea (without sugar) before eating. It makes you feel full, and no extra calories you consume.
  • In order for you to burn calories in larger quantities, drink cold water. The body will release more energy to heat the cold water. A glass of cold water will also feel fresh after you exercise.
  1. Eat Large Amounts of Plant Foods

These can be vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Try to eat white rice, oatmeal, couscous, quinoa, yellow potatoes, and sweet potatoes. White rice and potatoes do not make you fat. Look at the traditional Chinese people who used to eat this food, they always look slim. Eat until you are satisfied, but do not get bloated. Do not limit food or allow yourself to starve.browse more 20 best foods for weight loss

  1. Do Sport Regularly

Make it a lifestyle. Do not serve as a burden! Small changes can make a big difference and can prevent weight gain back. Living a healthy sports plan from now on will continue until you grow up. We recommend that you walk, jog or bike to go to school instead of driving. Invite your dog to run around. Perform crunch when ad breaks on TV. Invite friends and family to cycle.

  • Design your activities within a week. Set three days for intensive training such as running or attending a spinning class at a fitness center. Use the other three days to do low-intensity workouts such as walking. One day left is to rest.
  • Do not spend time sitting watching TV. Try doing sports! Weight loss can go down quickly only with diet and exercise.
  1. Drink Green Tea

Tea can reduce weight because in tea contains catechin and antioxidants that are used to accelerate the burning of calories. And the highest catechin-containing tea is green tea. With regular and regular drinking green tea, then the weight will be reduced.browse more green tea for weight loss

  1. Reduce snack

And instead, eat fruits, wholemeal crackers with low-fat cheese, roasted or boiled vegetables instead of potato chips. Try to reduce the consumption of snacks. Try to take just a few of your favorite snacks, in order to reduce or eliminate your dependence on the snack.

  1. Set the diet

Follow basic rules about eating healthily. Eat three meals a day with two snacks between meals. For every meal, make vegetables as the largest portion, then protein and the smallest is carbohydrates. You can add milk in every meal.

  • Breakfast: Fruits, carbohydrates, protein
  • Lunch: Protein, vegetables
  • Dinner: Vegetables, protein, carbohydrates
  • Snacks: Vegetables, fruits, protein
  1. Do not drink soft drinks

How to lose weight for the next teenage girl is to avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks contain empty calories that will make your body become fatter. Moreover, soft drinks are also not recommended in the world of health because it will spread acid in the intestines.

  1. Set Enough Sleep

Obesity is not only caused by food but also can be caused by lack of sleep. Most of the people who sleep poorly outweigh the people who are sleeping enough. A healthy sleep time is sleeping 8 hours a day. Don’t sleep less or too much. Sleep too much can increase the chance of obesity, while sleep less than normal time can disorder your health.

  1. Avoid Fast Food

Fast food and sugary foods are processed, fatty, and unhealthy foods. Many of them are made from lard, fried with lard, and contain unnatural ingredients! These foods also contain many preservatives and additives. You should know what foods are good for you and which is not good.

  1. Choose the Right Friends

Friends will greatly help your diet, they will greatly support you. Even many of them help directly, for example, make diet menu, or exercise together. However, on the other side, friends can break our diet by inviting for such gathering, eating the snack or the other event that you must eat at the event. So, choosing the right friends will help your diet.