How to Make a Healthy Weight Loss Green Smoothie

Important Tips on How to Make a Weight Loss Green Smoothie

If you are on your diet right now, you might be in the way of finding delicious foods that will not ruin your program. Here we provide with the information on how to make a green smoothie to lose weight. This smoothie is suitable to burn the fat in your body. It is rich in nutrient and loaded with a lot of fibers in low fat. When you want to make one, you need to pay attention to the following important tips.



  1. Begin with plant milk or water

Some examples of plant milk are coconut, cashew, almond, and hemp. All of them have a low amount of calories. On peculiar, almond milk will help you to gain weight loss while you could enjoy a creamy texture of your green smoothie. Moreover, it does not need a hard step to make.

On the other hand, milk and yogurt might not be a good choice in making a green smoothie. Both of them contain needless fat and calories that could lead you to miscalculate your calories need. you can see the smoothies without yogurt or this smoothie without milk.

  1. Only use a small amount of healthy fat

An additional healthy fat that you can use is a tablespoon of chia seeds or flax seed, ¼ of an avocado or some fresh young coconut. Not all fat is bad for your healthy life. A healthy plant based fats are good for you and will help you in the losing weight process. Indeed, if you keep the fat content that you consume low. As the old saying, something that is over is never good. Too much fat or fruit you use in your green smoothie will cause bloating. Fat is also known as the dense sources of calories in nature. If you consume too many calories from many sources of foods or fruits, your effort in losing weight might be useless.

  1. Get the Sweet from the Fruit

Grapes, mangoes, and bananas are good choices to add to your green smoothies. All of this fruits will make your smoothie’s taste sweeter while you do not need to worry about the fat. It is because naturally, these fruits contain sugar that will not cause any weight gain.

Say big no to maple syrup, honey or even agave. All of them contain concentrated sugar that will turn your weight loss smoothie to become a sugar bomb for your body. A refined sugar is also a bad choice since it will prevent your body ability to lose some weight. If you are not enough to have fruits as the sweeter for your smoothies, you can try dates. However, you need to leave it as quick as possible of wipe it away from your body because dates are actually dried food contained with concentrated sugar.

  1. Use a Protein Powder with Good Quality

You can add some protein powder that is plant based since. It can boost the protein content of your green smoothies and will make you feel full. You can also go with the natural choice of protein powder such as goji berries or chia seeds. Other high protein greens like dandelion greens and kale are also worth to try.

  1. Make it as your meal

Smoothies always be a good replacement for a meal. By taking it a meal replacement regularly, you will lower your daily calorie consumption in an easy way. Without realizing it, you also boost your consumption of fruits and vegetables and increase your body needs of fiber and water. One efficient time to consume it is in the morning for breakfast. It will make you feel full and less likely to yearn for unhealthy foods when the lunch comes.

  1. Only use fresh and whole foods

If you are planning to lose weight while still want to have some money for saving, frozen fruit or take a bulk of fruit at a time is one recommendation you could try. Never use a canned fruit. They are often soaked in some kinds of syrup and have not many nutrients like the fresh one. Not only nutrient, the fresh one also contain water, fiber, and micronutrients that could boost the metabolism process in your body.

  1. Do not only depend on one way to lose weight

Consuming green smoothies only would not give a big effect when you do another effort. Never rely on a good result only from consuming these green smoothies. Mind your diet routine and lifestyle as well to meet the result with your expectation. Green smoothies only play its best role when you use it as foods to balance your diet.

  1. Choose Your Best Fruit

Basically, all fruits and vegetables have a good characteristic to lose some weight. Even so, there are some fruits that have higher ability than the other in fighting the fat in your body. Fruits and vegetables that contain low calories but high in fiber concentration are being effective to be used in losing weight. Some of them are grapefruit, all kinds of leafy greens, pumpkin, carrots, kale, cucumber, celery, apples (include the skin), broccoli, blueberries, oranges, pomegranates, bananas, chia seeds, strawberries, raspberries and also pears (include the skin). You can choose one of these fruits to make effective weight losing smoothies. If you like, you can also mix one or two of these fruits together.

  1. Mind the Ratio

To make your own green smoothies, you can just put every kind of fruit altogether. There is some estimation you had better use to make the efficient one. For a recommendation, we suggest you to use 2 pieces of fruit (you are free to use banana or apple), then added with some leafy greens (around 2 until 3 cups is enough, or a handful is also fine), 8 ounces of water (it is also better to use a homemade nut milk), a tablespoon of chia seeds (it will be better to soak it in water for about 5 minutes before), ¼ of avocado, ¼ of raw oats (optional) then also a scoop of protein powder (you might use natural foods fruits with natural high protein as well).