Watermelon Nutritional Value

Great Watermelon Nutritional Value Facts

There are some great watermelon nutritional value facts which show the health benefits of this wonder fruit. Due to the amazing combination of different nutrients and the high nutritional values of the fruit, watermelon is considered to be extremely healthy and beneficial. Even though some of you might be concerned about the watermelon calories, you can be assured that this amount is really low and should not be thought about. A single cup of watermelon is known to contain about 50 calories and this is not that big an amount. Calories in watermelon 1 cup are based on the calculation of 160gms watermelon in a single cup and it does not come out to be a huge number. Further, there are several health benefits which overshadow the watermelon calories information and make this an ideal fruit for having in summers.

Watermelon Nutritional Value Facts

Watermelon Nutritional Value Facts

Watermelon Nutritional Information

The watermelon nutritional information shows you the various health benefits and nutrients which are present in the fruit, apart from the watermelon calories. Apart from some vitamins and minerals, which are extremely important for various aspects of the body, the watermelon also contains some antioxidants, proteins and other such important nutrients. These antioxidants and proteins are extremely important for avoiding certain conditions in the body and checking the symptoms of certain potential problems. For example, Lycopene is an important antioxidant which is present in watermelons and is known to protect from various types of cancers. Similarly, Citrulline is another protein which forms a part of the nutritional information on watermelons and this protein helps in detoxification of the body. Even though the watermelon calories count is decent, there is no possibility of cholesterol, fats or salts in the fruit. However, important watermelon nutrition facts tell us that it is important for people to choose the fresh watermelons as these are known to have the least amount of watermelon calories and the highest amount of helpful nutrients.

How to Buy Low Watermelon Calories Fruit

For buying low watermelon calories fruit, you need to have a fair understanding in purchasing fruits. You need to make sure that the watermelon that you are selecting looks good and is free from bruises or cuts. Further, the right weight of watermelon needs to be checked as good quality watermelons with high watermelon nutritional value are known to be heavier than their regular counterparts.

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