Watermelon Nutrition Fact and Amount of Watermelon Calories

People who love to enjoy a few slices of watermelons every now and then might be a bit skeptical about a number of watermelon calories that are present in the fruit. It is true that the watermelon is one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits that we have with us but there might be still some questions regarding a number of calories in watermelon. The nutritional information related to watermelon is much more important, considering the amazing health benefits that watermelon has. Therefore, it is necessary to demystify the watermelon calories problem that exists in the mind of some people. Choosing the right kind of watermelon is important in getting a healthy watermelon, the one with lower watermelon calories. Some facts related to watermelon calories might be helpful in this case.

Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Calories

Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Calories

Facts about Calories of Watermelon

For those who are interesting in knowing some facts about calories of watermelon, you would be surprised to know that there are not many calories in watermelon 1 cup. In fact, you would find that watermelon calories are the least that you can have any fruit and generally, the figure comes out to be somewhere around 50 calories. Calories in watermelon 1 cup, amounting to approx 154gms, are limited to 46gms and hence, it can be said that the watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits around.

Watermelon is loved by almost everyone and kids or adults are definitely interested in having some nice slices of this beautiful fruit. Apart from the just low amount of watermelon calories in the fruit, there are some other health benefits related to the fruit. Due to a high count of various vitamins and minerals in the watermelon, the fruit is highly recommended by doctors to some patients. Other than that, watermelons are known to contain a healthy amount of antioxidants and these help against various conditions like heart attack etc. Even though most watermelons have a lower amount of calories, it is important that you select the right watermelons out of the lot.

Selecting the Right Watermelon

For finding the lowest possible watermelon calories fruit, you need to know the important steps which are essential while choosing a watermelon. A good looking watermelon is usually quite healthy and you can definitely opt for the lowest watermelon calories by going for the freshest watermelons in the entire lot.

Selecting the Right Watermelon

Selecting the Right Watermelon

Finding How Many Calories in Watermelon

For finding how many calories in watermelon, you need to know about certain watermelon related facts which can put some common myths at rest. The most important thing while calculating the watermelon calorie count depends on the overall look of the watermelon. It is important that you buy the freshest possible watermelon as these are known to be the healthiest. On the other hand, fresh watermelons have the lowest amount of watermelon calories and they are much better than the tinned or preserved watermelons, which are famous for a high watermelon calorie count. Even though you might find the fresh watermelon to be quite sweet too, a number of watermelon calories are much lesser than other options. Other than the lower watermelon calories, there are several other benefits of eating watermelon regularly and some of them are discussed here, in detail.

Common Health Benefits of Watermelon

There are some common conditions and health benefits which are associated with watermelons. The watermelon nutritional value is so high that you would find it to be useful in easing the symptoms of some common ailments. Watermelon is known to be effective in treating the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, diabetes and other such related problems.
Another important health benefit of watermelon lies in the high Vitamin A and Vitamin D which is present in the body. These Vitamins help to neutralize various free radicals in the body and they assist in checking the damage which can be caused by such free radicals. Apart from the low watermelon calories, the presence of antioxidants in the fruit helps various people in various ways.

Even though calories in watermelon 1 cup are lower than expected, a single cup of watermelon can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. It provides 24.3% of RDA for Vitamin C and 11.1% for Vitamin A and it is also known to contain Lycopene, an important substance which is popular for lowering the risk of cancer of different kinds.

Watermelon Benefits For Weight Loss

Apart from helping as part of a diet, watermelon also has lots of fringe health benefits. In fact, it contains the highest amount of lycopene, which is an antioxidant to help improve the immune system and facilitate disease-fighting activity in the body…[Read More]

Nutritional Information on Watermelon Calories

For those who want to know the exact details related to watermelon calories, let us consider a number of calories in watermelon 1 cup. Essentially, one cup is somewhere around 160gms and it is known to contain around 50 calories. This is the exact answer to ‘how many calories in watermelon’ and you would find this number to be much lesser than various other fruits.

Great Watermelon Nutritional Value Facts

There are some great watermelon nutritional value facts which show the health benefits of this wonder fruit. Due to the amazing combination of different nutrients and the high nutritional values of the fruit, watermelon is considered to be extremely healthy and beneficial…[Read More]

Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Calories

If you are interested in understanding watermelon nutrition facts and calories, you need to clear out some misconceptions that you might have against watermelon calories. Since a regular watermelon is known to be made up of 92% water and 8% sugar, some people might associate this number with higher calories in watermelon…[Read More]

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