Things to Know about Taking Water Pills and Weight Loss

The Health Facts: 6 Things to Know if You’re Thinking about Taking Water Pills

Say you are still interested in losing weight with water pills and you are too dense to let go the idea of using water pills. If you are one of the two kinds of person I listed above, then perhaps you should read this article about 6 things to know if you’re thinking about taking water pills.

Some articles may tell you that water pills are a very viable option to help you lose some weight. Those articles, whose level of credibility are yet to be proven, can be wrong and they can also be right. This article I wrote here will you more about the facts surrounding water pills and their relevance to weight loss. Check out below if you are interested in learning more about said facts.


water pills and weight loss

1. They. Do. Not. Have. A. Significant. Impact. On. Weight. Loss

Yes, they have an impact on weight loss. Yes, they can help you reduce weight. Yes, they can lower the amount of fat-inducing salt in your body. No, you will not see a significant weight loss if you only use water pills. No, you will not see the same amount of significance in consuming water pills as opposed to regular exercise. No, water pills will not make you any healthier.

Those extended paragraphs of yes’ and no’s above is possibly one of the best and quickest ways of telling you that water pills will not matter much when we are talking about weight loss. They only affect the amount of water and salt in your body, not the excess fat you have. Sure you might lose a few kilograms on the scale in the period of water pill consumption, but it is all because you lose a few liters of water in your body. If you did not know about it, let me tell you a fact: water have weight too.

2. Many doctors prescribe them

As you see, many doctors prescribe water pill a lot. Get the point here? When a doctor prescribes you a medication, then surely you must know that he or she has gone a thorough diagnosis of your body. He or she will tell you the right water pill for you and will tell you when and where to take them.

Using water pills without a doctor’s prescription is one of the many ways to rough up your body. It may lead to dehydration or even worse. You do not want that, do you?

3.The pills you buy in drugstores are not exactly the same as the one your doctor prescribe

This too is one of the dangers to face when you are trying to lose weight with water pills. Because no one knew what is contained in a pill, you will never know what effect it will bring to the table. If you are well-informed about the composition of the pill you have bought, there is still a chance that the substance in that water pill will not react that well with your body. You may harm yourself.

4.Yes, they are not addictive, but…

They can be dangerous if you use them in high amount. Want some free dehydration with your lack of knowledge in taking water pills? You can have it all by buying and consuming water pills without the doctor’s prescription.

5.Some bloating can be countered with water pills, however…

To say that only fat can cause your body to bloat is a rookie mistake. Water can cause your body to bloat (in fact, nearly all body bloat-age is caused by water). Water pills reduce that water-induced bloat in your body, not the fat-induced one.

6. Lastly, you can even GAIN weight if you use them

You know how kidneys can ‘change’ if you force them to do so? Your kidneys will grow more accustomed to having lots of salty water in it if you consume water pills for an extended period of time. It sort of devolved into something that is not good for you, your body, your kidneys, and your bladder. Enough said.