Grey Hair Causes & Prevention – Walnut, Banana, Cashew Nut and Black Soybean Milk Juice

There is much reason for the causes of gray hair. Some said it is due to a gene that inherited from your parents or grandparents. With nutrient scientific answer is the melanocyte stem cells (MSC) failed or degraded the capability of producing melanocytes which are the main reason causing gray hair, this is due to malnutrition in our daily diet. Well, there are also some studies said that if someone works under prolong stress working environment, the chances of growing gray hair is higher that normal people.

Walnut, Banana, Cashew Nut and Black Soybean Milk Juice

Walnut, Banana, Cashew Nut, and Black Soybean Milk Juice

Below is a piece of gray hair prevention recipe:

1. 20-gram Walnut
2. Half PC Banana
3. 20-gram Cashew Nut
4. 150 ml Sugar-Free Black Soybean Milk

1. Crash walnut and cashew nut finely.
2. Remove the skin of the banana, cut into smaller pieces.
3. Mix all ingredients into the juicer and make the juice. Drink it quick as some of the nutrients will get oxidized.

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