What are Vitamin B12 shots for weight loss?

Are There Weight-Loss Benefits of Vitamin B12 And How Does It Work?

Getting the right nutrition supports your health, including how well you are able to keep yourself in a healthy weight. However, it does not mean that there is a single nutrient that is able to make you lose your weight. For example, you may have heard about the studies on vitamin B12 which leads you to wonder are there weight-loss benefits of vitamin B12? There is some early research evidence that shows a correlation between vitamin B12 and weight control, but this does not mean that you should rely on it as a magic substance that will help you shed your excess weight.

The Correlation Between Vitamin B12 Levels And Weight

As mentioned earlier, there is early research which shows that enough vitamin B12 status may be related to and take part in weight control. A study that was published in 2013 in the journal Medicinski Glasnik made an observation on levels of B12 in around 1000 people in order to look for the correlation between levels of B12 in a person and their body weight. The authors of the journal were able to find that people who had low levels of vitamin B12 were more likely to be either obese or overweight. Meanwhile, those with levels of B12 that are considered as healthy were more likely to maintain a body weight that is healthier.

vitamin b12 shots for weight loss

vitamin b12 shots for weight loss

There is another study published in PLoS One in 2015 that have found results which are similar to the one mentioned previously regarding the correlation between vitamin B12 and weight control, but this time the study was done to pregnant women. The study found that pregnant women who had low levels of vitamin B12 had more tendency to be obese. The Nutrients journal also once published a study in 2014 which found the same correlation but in adolescents who were obese and overweight.

Even though the studies that have been mentioned have shown that there are connections between low levels of vitamin B12 and a higher body weight, it does not necessarily mean that increasing your vitamin B12 intake means you will lose weight. Whether you like it or not, a diet that is calorie-controlled together with an exercise program is still essential for losing weight.

How Low B12 Levels Interfere Your Lifestyle

While it is not known yet whether vitamin B12 has the ability to directly help you in losing weight, low levels of B12 can be disturbing towards the active lifestyle that you have to follow if you want to lose weight. This is because low levels of B12 causes anemia, which you probably know already can make you feel fatigued and easily feel shortness of breath, which of course you would not like to experience when you want to work hard during exercise.

Vitamin B12 normally helps the oxygen-transporting function of your healthy red blood cells, and this is why without adequate B12 levels it will be more difficult for your red blood cells to carry oxygen to your body tissues, which will lead to you feeling tired more easily.