Looking for a Vita-Mix? Well, you’re not the only. Vita-mix has become perhaps the most trusted name in commercial blending out there.

  • Vita-mix a variety of powerful, easy to use, durable blenders. The vita-mix 5200, for example, combines power and efficiency with the best warranty in the business. All Vita-mix blenders come with at least a three-year warranty which is extendable to up to 10 years.
  • Portion Blending System- comes with a monster 5-quart hopper that automatically dispenses the exact amount of ice based on weight. This sweet gadget will save you a lot of time! It can be programmed to make up to four drinks at one time.
  • THE Blending Station- Want to eliminate the guesswork out of blending? The Blending station comes with 34 blending programs for total control on your signature drinks so they come out just right every time.
  • Mix’n Machine: Vita-mix doesn’t just make awesome blenders. The Mix’n Machine is currently the industries leading frozen treat maker! Not only is it easy to use like all vita-mix products it also is programmable so that you’ll be able to do other responsibilities while the machine performs its programmed function.
  • Rinse-O-Matic: With this sweet device you can wash out blender containers in seconds and save on water. This nifty device will help you lower your water and electric bill and wash the blender containers a lot faster than the dishwasher.
  • Blender Recipes Included with your Vitamix purchase you receive a great recipe book – but don’t limit yourself to their recipes we have many tried and true recipes right here on smoothie recipes blender for smoothies

vitamix-7500.the best blender for smoothies

Regardless of which Vitamix product you buy, you’re getting an excellent product that will be crushing ice in mere seconds for years!

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