How to Lose Weight Fast on a Vegetarian Diet

If you are running a vegetarian diet in order to get ideal weight, you need to know one thing. It could not be a guarantee that you will lose weight. Your effort will be a waste if you keep consuming chips, energy bars, pasta or cereal that will turn into bulkiness of your diet. In result, you will gain heavier weight than people who are strict to an omnivorous diet, a diet of meats and leafy vegetables. A study report that vegetarians who are not trespassing the lines will get a less body fat as well as lower cholesterol than they who eat meat. The key success is that those vegetarians only focused their meal on legumes, soy protein, beans, fresh vegetables, and also the nutrition from milk and eggs. Even if you had decided to become a vegetarian, you still need to know the proper way to lose weight fast. Some of the ways are by controlling the calories you consume and doing a regular exercise.

vegetarian diet for weight loss

vegetarian diet for weight loss

Essential Information to Lose Weight

Basically, people will lose weight when the calories they eat is less than the calories their body burn. If you want to decrease 1 pound of your weight, all you need to do is just making a deficit of 3500 calories in your body. How to create this deficit? Simply by lowering the consuming number or doing an exercise. The combination of both is even better. As said by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if someone is not losing his weight about 2 pounds a week, the weight will likely be kept by his body. It means that he needs to make a calories deficit for about 1000 in each day. But you also need to remember that you should not consume less than 1200 calories every day since it will lead you to nutrition deficient. If you could not do many things of your food preference to maintain the right calories calculation, then combine it with the calculation from your physical activity. Do not just depend on what your mouth chew. Do some work out too to have your dreamed body come true.

Kinds of Vegetarian Diets

Before starting your day as a vegetarian, there are some kinds of it that you should know. Someone is included in following the vegetarian diet program if he avoids the consumption of animal. It goes the same whether for the flesh or the products.  The term Lacto-Ovo vegetarian then comes to call someone who preserves their eating of eggs and diary but it is also balanced with the consumption of vegetables. A Lacto vegetarian then comes to classify people that consume dairy but avoid eggs, while Ovo vegetarian is to call them who only eat eggs without consuming any dairy. At last, vegan used to call people that only eat vegetables. All of them is suitable to help you lose your weight. Even so, a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian should be careful on avoiding dairy with full fat and baked foods that sometimes use eggs and butter.

A Plan to Lose Weight

 Now that you have gained information about calories number you need, you need to arrange your food schedule. You need to ensure that the calories consist of completely unrefined foods. Leave out foods that contain refined sugar and grain since it will surplus the calories’ number while giving not much nutrient.

As for breakfast, steaming eggs or the white eggs combined with vegetables is a good choice. You can also go with scrambled supple tofu mixed with salsa. To widen your preference, fruit smoothie with yogurt is also worth to try. All these breakfast menus completed by the high protein that will make you feel full. When the lunch comes, you can have a bowl of salad with chickpeas to eat. Another high fiber lunch that is good for you is vegetable soup completed by kidney or black beans; you can also complete its nutrition by having brown rice. These foods combination will satisfy your stomach and not cause any deprived. When it’s time to have dinner, you can stir soft tofu in the small amount of oil then served it with vegetables. It also good for your weight to steam the vegetables instead, then add it with lemon juice.

Snacks for You

Even if there are a lot of healthy snacks that meet the vegetarian needs, does not mean that you could consume all of them as you like. Instead, it could drive you to overeat. Ensure your appetite to eat just two tablespoons of hummus or a limited handful of nuts. If it is not enough, go with yogurt with low-fat quality, berries some chop of vegetables, or a single fresh fruit.

Always say no to fried foods. Does not matter whether they are labeled as fried vegetarian foods or not. It goes the same for tempura vegetables and definitely French fries. You can also vary your preferences on adding a few seeds when you eat salad. Other choices are by having roast vegetables in a tablespoon of olive oil or an addition of chia seeds to your smoothie in the morning.

One thing you need to take a note is that food item that saying they are vegetarian dos not mean that they are having low calories. Some people often distracted to vegan pizza, cupcakes or cookie. Do not fall into the same mistake since they are actually having the big amount of calories that could destabilize your calories calculation. One undoubted snack suitable for vegetarian is indeed salad. Even so, you also need to mind on the topping; whether they contain the high amount of calories or not. Some toppings that you need to aware are candied nuts, croutons, dried fruits, creamy dressing and also cheese crumbles.

A research ever compared the result of a low-fat diet with Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Diet (TLC). The outcome shows that a vegan loses more of his weight compared to someone who runs a TLC program. Therefore, do not be hesitate anymore and start to lose your weight.