How To Make Valentine Cookies – Easy Valentine Cookie Recipes

Valentine is one of special day for our life. Regardless when and how this day came, people are like to celebrate their love. In special moment, Valentines cookie recipes give alternative way to enjoy valentine day. There are many recipes to make cookie. However, valentine cookie is one of precious one that can’t be forgotten in our life. Since chocolates are the most common gift in this special day, we will use it as one of primary ingredients in cookie. Moreover, this cookie will have similar appearance with chocolate. The recipe is simple and everyone can do it.

Valentines Cookie Recipes, Love in Chocolate Heart

valentine cookie recipes

valentine cookie recipes

To make cookie for valentine day, we have to prepare some ingredients and cooking utensils. Firstly, there are :

  • flour
  • butter
  • salt
  • and baking powder

Flour has to be particular type to cookie or cake. The main part is chocolate which is still raw or half melted. Valentines cookie recipes need original chocolate to keep delicious taste of it. Moreover, we need the salt and baking powder for ¼ teaspoon. The amount of butter depends on flour and chocolate. If we want cookie taste stronger, we just need to put more butter. Flour and chocolate have same ratio. It could be one third or one forth. All of ingredients can be found easily in our surroundings.

How to make it :

  1. Next step is making the cookie dough. Chocolate should be melted completely. Mix the butter to chocolate whilst it is heated. Moreover, flour, salt, and eggs are combined into one place. When mix chocolate and butter, water temperature have to be checked every minutes.
  2. If chocolate dough is perfectly melted, pour it on flour then add sugar. Actually, the taste of cookie depends on salt and sugar. We put them based on our needs. When cookie dough is ready, put it on baking tray. In addition, oven should be prepared in right temperature.
  3. The last part is baking the dough. We can wait for seven minutes then cookie is ready to be served. Therefore, Valentines cookie recipes are proven to be easy to make.


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