Understanding About The Different Calories In A Banana

The energy in food for example calories in a banana is of great value in the growth of human tissue. Every type of food eaten by human contains vitamins, proteins and even carbohydrates that give energy to the human body. Different fruits have the different amount of calories in them. Bananas have the highest amount of energy compared to other fruits. Proper feeding help prevents diseases attack and always a good body performance.

calories in a banana

calories in a banana

A person takes meals in the morning, lunch hour and dinner have the same energy consumption with another one eating only one banana in the morning and no more meal for the rest of the day. The minerals in them have different benefit to the body. Potassium is one of the minerals which help to control the level of glucose in the body by converting excess glucose to glycogen that is easily stored by the body.

It may be eaten when green by steaming it. It is in the form of carbohydrate. The content of calories is more compared to a ripe one. All ripened bananas are in the form of a fruit and have vitamin c as well as the main source of energy which the body requires.

When undertaking any work, one needs a lot of energy in the muscles. Some fruits have the energy needed but the amount is not enough for the body. When going for any excuses or hard work involving the movement of body muscles one needs to consume a piece some few minutes before the event takes place.

A banana has the highest calories compared to all the fruit. A person is advised to take only one piece of a heavy task and after the task to recover the lost energy from the body. One only takes the small quantity that is more helpful to the body.

It has high calorie compared to other food. Growing children need a small amount of energy from different types of food fed to them. Bananas are mixed with other fruits to avoid too much intake of energy from only one type of food. Children always have a healthy life without any complication and no attack from diseases that are easily prevented.

Calories in a banana are not the only contacts in it. It has some fibers that are helpful and assist during food digestion. Bananas may be used to make cakes and other snacks. If one hates eating them when not mixed with another kind of food, snacks will be the best option. All types of food are necessary for a healthy human body.

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