Anti Aging – Tomato Honey Juice

This is an anti aging juice that is nice in color, as well as benefit in delay aging process. It is because of both tomato and honey has the antioxidant effect, which will bring you a better vibrant looking with younger complexion. Tips in select a fresh tomato suitable for juicing, select the one is full red in color, a little soft when press. Do not select those skin color is half green and half red or an orange one since this type of tomatoes is only good for cooking and not making juice.

anti aging Tomato Honey Juice

anti aging Tomato Honey Juice

2 pcs Tomatoes
2 tbsp Honey (if possible get Manuka, as it has many high contents of natural nutrition)
150 ml Cold Water

1. Wash and soap the tomatoes in water for at least 30 minutes.
2. Drain and cut away the stem park.
3. Drop in a whole tomato into the juicer and pour in the cold water.
4. Add the Manuka honey into the juice and stir until the honey dissolves in the juice.
5. Drink fresh.

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