Tips For Creating Healthy Dinner Recipes For Two

When most people think of creating dinner recipes for two, they envision things like huge plates of pasta and lobsters with a large bowl of drawn butter on the side. While these are both very tasty, they are not the healthiest choices to make. If you would like to keep yourself and your loved one in better health so you can be around longer, you should follow the advice given here.

Use fresh ingredients instead of using those that are processed. If you are not much of a cook or you are pressed for time, do not allow that to steer you in the wrong direction. Every meal does not take hours to make, so try finding simple, light recipes that the two of you will enjoy. Wheat pasta with a fresh marinara sauce is an example of an easy recipe that is low in fat and calories.

easy and healthy meal recipes for dinner

easy and healthy meal recipes for dinner

Eating healthy is not all about eating dull looking things that are different shades of beige and white. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables when creating dinner recipes for two. Not only will they add a good amount of color, but they will provide you with some much-needed vitamins and minerals. Also, keep in mind that these items will create more flavor when they are ripe, so look for things that are in season.

Use stock in place of water to add much-needed flavor. This will help you avoid using additional sauces that can really ramp up the fat and calorie content. For example, cooking rice in beef stock will add so much flavor that you will not feel the need to add any butter to it for flavoring. Be careful when buying prepared stock since a lot of it contains astronomical amounts of sodium. Make some yourself or look for low-salt varieties.

Make a salad as an entree. When most people think about salad, they see it as a side dish, but adding protein to it can easily turn it into a meal. Adding things like steamed shrimp, sauteed chicken, and broiled tofu can add a lot of substance to it. Be very careful when you are selecting salad ingredients. Things like bacon, shredded cheese, and wedges of the egg can make the salad very tasty, but it can also add extra fat you don’t really need.

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Do not make enough food to feed an army. Make enough food to fill both of your bellies, but avoid having a lot of excesses. This will only encourage the two of you to eat more than intended. If you must make extra, place it into the freezer for a rainy day instead of planning on having seconds.

Making healthy dinner recipes for two is not as hard as you might think. The idea is to buy fresh foods, stay away from things that are already prepared, and look for alternative ways to add flavor. Once you have all of this in the bag, you will be able to create a masterpiece that both of your waistlines will love.