The miracle of no cravings

The miracle of no cravings.

Satiety does not come from the stomach, it happens at the cellular level, that is why you could eat bowls and bowls of beans and rice and still eat more. I could eat bowls and bowls of pasta and oatmeal and still eat more. With insulin resistance ( I am insulin resistant) an elevated glucose level shuts off access to the fat stores the body needs to provide energy between meals… when the body needs energy and can’t get it from the stored fat, it sends the hunger signal out.. that is why the connection between excess carbohydrate intake and cravings/ constant hunger are so closely tied.
You are slender and healthy and can and should eat as you choose. I propose that the very reason you love fruit as much as you do may have more to do with insulin resistance than maybe anything else… I craved the foods I loved too..

all high carb, of course and thought they must be part of my life in a big way. Their pull vanished once I had the insulin resistance under control. I personlly love not thinking about food very much anymore.. only when I am gently reminded that it is time to eat… that is a far cry from the screaming, gotta eat NOW, get shaky dark days. For many women, I think, food plays too large a role in their day, I know it did in mine.. Having no cravings and no appetite for most of the day on a low carb diet is nearly miraculous and the value of this difference cannot be understated.

I believe for many that may read your entries here, there is value in being stricter on the carbs because of the relief from cravings that it produces.. many people have spent their lives, as I did, constantly hungry, fighting cravings, feeling guilt and shame because what we were told to eat, and in the scant amounts recommended, just does not work.

I think getting very low on the carbs, to the point where all cravings disappear, is the aha moment that overweight people need to let them see that there is another way.. that weight loss can happen without starvation or cravings. Until they get there and feel that feeling, probably for the first time ever, they won’t believe it.