The banana diet – how good is it?

Women have worried about weight for years and there has always been a multitude of diets emerging to help with weight loss and maintain a good weight balance. These diets have ranged from the bizarre to the wonderful. In fact, diet is such big business that there continues to be more money spent on it every year and this is climbing rapidly as obesity is on the increase too.

One diet that seemed, on the face of it bizarre, is the banana diet. The basis of the diet is that you eat bananas together with water that is aired to room temperature for your breakfast. That’s it. You eat your normal food throughout the rest of the day and do not eat anything after 8 pm. That said, some diets say that you should not eat dairy products or alcohol whilst following this diet.

calories in a banana


The diet works on the principles that the soluble starches found in bananas kick-start and speed up the fat-burning process. Raw green bananas are considered the best, as the starch remains more in its natural state. Once your bananas start to turn yellow then the starches are starting to change state and are more sugar-based. Bananas are the most calorie loaded for your digestion the browser the skin is.

Most people know that bananas have great energy-giving boosts, just look at the tennis players that consume mountains of them throughout their matches. Bananas are digested easily and they also help to regulate your blood more banana potassium.

Many diets state that you should drink plenty of water to wash away the toxins. The banana diet specifically states drinking water at room temperature. It is uncertain why this is, although there are lots of theories. Drinking water slowly helps to give the body a feeling of fullness in any event, and this combined with the slow-release energy of the banana will help you to feel full for longer. Therefore, in actual fact, you are taking in fewer calories during the day, especially if you are eliminating alcohol and dairy products too, than you would ordinarily, due to feeling full for longer. In addition, not eating after 8 pm, when your body naturally starts to slow down, ensures that all food is fully digested before going to sleep.

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Many people have absolutely convinced the banana diet works – and that’s great. Anything that helps you to introduce fruit into your everyday eating habits sounds like a good plan. Combine it with exercise and you are on your way to achieving your optimum weight more banana health facts and are bananas fattening?