Healthy Sweet Potato Juice Recipe, Using Raw Ingredients

Have you ever tried sweet potato juice? It probably sounds unusual ingredient to make a juice. Perhaps, it is not one of vegetable juices you often have, but surely it is worth to try. You will get several sweet potato juice benefits by drinking this kind of juice. If you want to make sweet potato juice, keep them in dark and cool place for storing after you buy the ingredients. There are many benefits you can get from this sweet vegetable including some kinds of vitamin, potassium, calcium, fiber, folate acid, and so on.

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Sweet Potato Juice Benefits that Boost Body Immune System

By having a glass of sweet potato juice, you will get several nutrients which are beneficial for your body health. This juice is good for your vision due to vitamin A it has. It also has vitamin E which acts as a great antioxidant to help to prevent premature aging of your body. Another benefit is from vitamin C in sweet potato which can help iron absorption into your body, maintain skin elasticity, and strengthen body immune system. Sweet potato juice benefits are known for its ability to fight against cancer due to the content of phytochemicals. Besides, Carotenoids presented in sweet potato also play as the great immune booster.

Sweet Potato Juice Recipe Using Raw Ingredients

It is not so surprising that most people will cook raw sweet potatoes first before making them into a juice. They may think that it needs to be cooked to make it easy when blending. However, such perception is not true. Do you know that you will lose lots of potato nutrients after cooking it? Yeah, you will lose some lovely enzymes presented in sweet potato as well. Therefore, you need to know the right sweet potato juice recipe that can be followed but still maintaining its nutrients and other health benefits. So, try to make sweet potato juice using raw ingredients. This juice would be ideal as breakfast and afternoon juice.

sweet potato juice

sweet potato juice

Before you make breakfast juice from sweet potato, you should prepare:

  • some nutmeg or cinnamon to sprinkle
  • 2 apples
  • and 2 pieces of sweet potatoes.

Meanwhile, the ingredients to make sweet potato juice recipe for afternoon juice are:

  • 1 ginger in a large piece
  • 8 medium sized carrots
  • and 2 pieces of sweet potato.

The procedures to make both juices are same.


Take sweet potatoes, peel, and clean it. Cut into pieces and put it all in a juicer. Put other ingredients you have prepared into the juicer. Pour the juice into a glass filled with some ice cubes. Healthy sweet potato juice is ready to be served.
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