How to Make Strawberry Nectar – Easy Recipe

Strawberry nectar recipe definitely makes a great drink to start off the day. It is a nutritious drink that can be very refreshing. While it is true that strawberry nectar can sometimes be hard to find but once you find it, you should make the recipe.

Strawberry Nectar Recipe for Fresh Start in the Morning

To make this extraordinary strawberry juice, you need to prepare the ingredients first. The first thing you need is 1 cup of fresh strawberry to make one cup. If you want to make more than one cup, prepare more strawberries. Then, slice the strawberries into small pieces using a knife. Make sure to remove the leaf. If you can find freshly harvested strawberries coming straight from the garden, it is a really good option because the juice will be much tastier.

The second ingredient to prepare for strawberry nectar recipe is ½ cup of apple juice. You can choose between unsweetened or sweetened juice according to your liking. If you are on weight loss program, unsweetened makes the ideal choice. But if you are okay with adding more calories, the sweetened juice will make delicious juice. However, you can also add a bit of honey or maple syrup to combine with unsweetened juice. This will add taste to the juice without adding too many calories.

The third ingredient is one tbsp. of water. However, this is optional. If you choose to have thick consistency for the juice, pass the water. But if you want to have less thick juice, add the water. Now that you have prepared the ingredients, simply begin the juicing.

Prepare a blender. You can use any blender you have. Then, put all the ingredients except the water into the blender. Turn on the blender for few minutes. Add water during the blending for your desired consistency. Turn off the blender and transfer the juice into the cup. Your strawberry nectar recipe is ready to drink.

Strawberry Nectar Recipe

Ingredients :

  • 1 Box of strawberries
  • 1 Splash of raw lime cordial

How to make it:

  1. Put in vacuum seal bag, vacuum seal, and crush
  2. Freeze overnight
  3. Place chinois over a large pot,
  4. Cut open, put in the chinois.
  5. Strain 3 hours
strawberry nectar recipe

strawberry nectar recipe