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Strawberry cake with frosting recipe is very popular dish and it works for the younger crowd. For sure your grandfather will love it too. The total time to make this recipe is for about 35 minutes with 10 minutes for preparing and 25 minutes for cooking. Follow this recipe to make 12 servings.

strawberry cake with frosting

strawberry cake with frosting


• White cake mix: 1
• Strawberry Jell-O gelatin dessert: 1 package 3 ounce
• Egg: 4
• Vegetable oil: 1 cup
• Water: ¼ cup
• Thawed and frozen strawberries: 1 package or 10 ounce

For frosting:
• Powdered sugar: 1 package or 1 lb
• Softened butter: 1/3 cup

1. Combine jello, eggs and cake mix. Mix together well and add oil, water and also ½ of strawberries.
2. Beat on med in 2 minutes and pour to greased 12×9 pan
3. For 30 minutes, bake at 350 degrees and allow cooling.
4. For frosting: Combine butter, the remaining strawberries and powdered sugar to mix well. Use it to spread on cooled cake.

It works for muffin people and it is possible for you to make strawberry muffins by modifying this recipe. Simply, you just need to adjust. It is okay if you have no white cake mix so you could substitute it with white cake recipe by following all ingredients and mixing on the list. Mix egg, oil and water but add to white cake recipe with thawed strawberries and strawberry jell-o to the mix.

Follow the baking temperature and time in this recipe to make 12 muffins. It turns great to top them off with frosting because it tastes good and you could love it because the fun pink color. It is perfect if your family love strawberry cake and it works for birthday party. When you have no idea at all for what you should do, it is the time to try this special strawberry cake with frosting recipe.