Your guide to strawberry and banana recipe

Your guide to strawberry and banana recipe

If you are craving for delicious drink after your tiring working day, you can try to have strawberry and banana smoothie recipe. Banana and strawberry are popular fruit flavor. A combination between these mouthwatering drink will undoubtedly boost your mood. Hence, strawberry and banana contain healthy nutrients for human body, such as anti-oxidant, vitamin C and many else. Therefore, this recipe can also be your current diet for sure. These fruits can combine perfectly and consumer-friendly during hot weather condition.

Preparing your smoothies

strawberry and banana recipe-mixer for smoothies

strawberry and banana recipe-mixer for smoothies

Preparing tools are important to make your smoothies. You should have mixer to make this recipe. In addition, selecting your fresh product is important. You should check the color and shape of your fruit thoroughly. For your information, green color of banana means that it has not sweet yet. You should wait until your banana is yellowing. For the ingredients, you will need banana, strawberry, milk, ice cubes and mint. You can choose to have low-fat milk or coconut milk as alternatives. You don’t need to add sugar in your smoothies for diet purposes. Testing is important before buying your banana and strawberry. If it has been sweet enough, you don’t need to add sugar for sure. In addition, those fruits contain calories that have been adequate enough to serve you. For sweetening, you can use honey instead since it is much healthier. Hence, you need to cut your banana and strawberry into some pieces. You can leave few strawberries as garnish. Afterwards, you only need to blend all the ingredients and voila! it is ready to serve.

Modifying your smoothies


Strawberry Banana-Smoothie Recipe without Yogurt

Making your smoothies is quite simple. Perhaps, you can make further touch for flavoring. Adding yoghurt is suggested to boost healthier nutrients to your drink. Yoghurt is recommended as to prevent indigestion. Ice cream can also be a good partner in crime to serve your thirst. Nevertheless, you need to consider that yoghurt and ice cream contain significant calories. Thus, it is not suggested for your current diet lifestyle. Hence, making your own yoghurt and ice cream can also be an alternative. Nevertheless, the tools are wide-ranging and it consumes a lot of time consuming. Thus, you can buy some ice cream and yoghurt products in well-known mart for your reference. Don’t forget to check its expired date before buying those products. A little bit touch for garnish can also be done. There are countless modifications for your strawberry and banana smoothie recipe.