Smoothies for Weight Loss

Green smoothies are not only delicious, but they can be extremely beneficial nutritionally. Smoothies are a great way to start shedding weight. Start your day by replacing that high-calorie breakfast with a well-balanced smoothie and your on your way to a high-metabolism, productive calorie burning day. The top ten benefits of these smoothies are as follows:



  1. They are extremely nutritious as they are usually made with 40% organic greens and 60% ripe fruit mix. There are no artificial ingredients.
  2. Green Smoothies are Easily Digested. The cell walls in fruits and greens are easily ruptured when blended together making it easy for the body to absorb all essential nutrients.
  3. They are a totally fiber-rich food that helps in maintaining the bodies digestive system. For those concerned with cutting out calories, the high fiber in these smoothies will help you feel full for longer and thus, result in less food intake thru ought your day.
  4. Depending on the recipe you follow, One green smoothie can encompass a day worth of nutrients and vitamins, keeping your body functioning at top efficiency without hard to break-down multi-vitamin supplements.
  5. Since you are incorporating fruit, green smoothies are perfect for fussy eaters. You can get an entire serving of vegetables into a smoothie and, blended with the right fruit, you would not know the difference. Great for kids who just say no to anything green!
  6. With the lack of artificial ingredients present, Green smoothies are safe for people with conditions that might make them sensitive to unnatural sweeteners.
  7. The best thing about green smoothies has to be the endless number of combinations you can make. Once you get started with a few recipes, you can get creative, experiment, and find what really works for you.
  8. A well-balanced Green smoothie can also help regulate bad cholesterol levels.
  9. If you can, incorporating protein into your smoothie first thing in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism, the protein will help regulate sugars in your body and keep you from feeling the need to snack.
  10. A Green Smoothie in the morning can replace that cup of coffee, and leave you energized all day without the jitters!

Green smoothies and even plain old fruit smoothies are a perfectly nutritious snack for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to that soda and bag of chips between meals or as a quick and easy meal replacement for those on the go!

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