Simple Deserts – Quick Easy Desert Recipes

Simple desserts: Try some sweet, juicy fruits!

When it comes to simple desserts, sometimes the tastiest option is fresh, ripe fruits in season:

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

Seasonal fruits are literally bursting with flavors. Nature WANTS us to eat them. I consider fruit to be Nature’s own quick and easy dessert!

I create simple desserts in my own kitchen using fresh, delicious ingredients. My homemade desserts are (GASP!) actually good for you!

So good, in fact, you can enjoy them for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack.

Like this 100% Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse Parfait:

Fat Free Mango Ice Cream:

Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream:

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Sweet Juicy Fruit Dessert:

To create my Strawberry Mango dessert, you will need:

2 mangos, peeled and cut into bite-size chunks:

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

10 fresh strawberries, sliced and added to the mango:

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

simple desserts- juicy fruits recipe

Optional: Dribble 1 tbsp of raw honey over the top and mix thoroughly.

Enjoy this as an after-dinner dessert instead of cake or pie.

You won’t believe how easily your sweet tooth can be satisfied by some fabulous juicy sweet fruit!


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Do you have a powerful blender?

If you want to easy to make dessert recipes and other delicioushealthy recipes like my fruit smoothies, salad dressings and sauces a part of your everyday diet, then you’re going to want to invest in a REAL BLENDER!!!

I cannot more highly recommend the Vita-mix blender. It’s an investment of money, but I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Finally giving up those cheap blenders and getting a Vita-mix professional blender was, for me, like getting out of a twenty year old pickup truck and sliding behind the wheel of a BMW! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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