Secrets of the Fat Burning Smoothie

Unlike diet pills and some diet programs, vegetable smoothies are here to stay. Such ‘magic’ weight loss pills and fad diets center on losing weight fast but are actually unsafe and ineffective in the long run. Smoothies, on the other hand, is a great complement to your diet program. Aside from providing the body a number of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, smoothies may also contain antioxidants and fat burners. Making a fat burning smoothie a staple in your diet will help you in your goal of losing weight and keeping your body healthy.



Burning fat does not end with regular exercise though it is an integral part of losing weight. You also need to take in foods that are known fat-burners. A great way of consuming these fat burning foods is by putting them in a blender and making a vegetable smoothie out of them. To make your life a little easier, here’s a short list of fat-burning foods you can add to your smoothies:

  • Low-fat milk and other dairy products – Dairy products contain protein, calcium and vitamin D and other nutrients that help boost metabolism and build muscle mass. The best one to use in a smoothie is fat-free cow’s milk and yogurt. Greek yogurt, the one that has been strained to remove the whey, is a great smoothie ingredient. see also : how to make a smoothie without milk
  • Plain silken tofu and soy milk – Soy products such as these are great sources of protein and are also popular as liquid bases for vegetable smoothies.
  • Almonds and unsweetened almond milk – Almonds are rich in fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin E among other nutrients. Most importantly, almonds are high in protein which is necessary if you wish to lose weight. Almond milk is another popular liquid base for most smoothies.
  • Berries – These include blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Aside from being effective fat burners, berries helps fight aging and treat cardiovascular problems. This due to the high content of antioxidants in these fruits. Plus, berries make any smoothie taste great and refreshing.
  • Spinach and other leafy vegetables– high in protein which is vital in enhancing metabolism and building muscle mass. By adding protein-rich vegetables like kale, collards and parsley will ensure that your fat burning smoothie will do its job.  I use baby spinach in most of my vegetable spinach.see also : green smoothie for weight loss
  • Peanut Butter – Peanut butter is one of the first ingredients ever used to make a smoothie. And for good reason. Aside from providing that nutty taste, peanut butter helps burn fat and build muscles. Plus, it contains testosterone which is an important hormone, especially for men.

If you haven’t noticed yet, protein is the common denominator in almost all of the possible smoothie ingredients stated above. As mentioned, protein boosts the body’s metabolic rate which results in burning of fat and ultimately leads to weight loss. Other than that, protein helps build and sustain muscle mass. In other words, while the body is burning fat, muscles also develop paving the way for a leaner and healthier body. Along with regular exercise and a proper diet with a decrease in carbohydrate intake, having a fat burning smoothie will help you attain and maintain your weight all year round.

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