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When you want to enjoy the tasteful beef, you have to prepare best way to create best recipe for that. It is so bored to have the same recipes of beef in our dining table. It seems better when there are some ideas of making roast beef recipe slow cooker as an alternative. It is one of the recipes that are hunted by many pleasure hunters. It is the food that is containing a very special Roast Beef which is also poured by some incredible taste of juices and are thickened to produce gravy sensation for all the food service.

Flavorful and Easy Roast Beef Recipe Slow Cooker

roast beef recipe slow cooker

roast beef recipe slow cooker

There are some ingredients that you need to prepare before revealing the whole process of creating roast beef recipe slow cooker. All the ingredients are not hard to be got. All of them are available in the market widely and are easier to be organized as the personal cooking ingredients. You should prepare beef chuck roast for about 3 pounds. This stuff will costs about $4,00 and will be expired for 6 days of saving. It is better for you to buy the fresh one before you cook this off. 1/3 cup of soy sauce will also surely need.

How To Make it :

The other supporting material that will make the food taste better is the presence of dry onion soup mix for just a single package. Each package of this dry onion will contains for about 1 ounce only. Then, you will also need 2 teaspoon of black pepper that is freshly grounded.

After all the material of roast beef recipe slow cooker is ready, you can start to concentrate on all its continuous steps. It begins by :

  1. Pouring sauce into the slow cooker after it mixed with the dry onion soup. Remember to mix it up pretty well.
  2. When you are able to mix them up, you can place the chuck roast to the slow cooker. It is incomplete before you are adding ½ inch of water below the surface of the roast. This condition will make the beef taste better without any complicated beef treatment. To strengthen the pure taste of roast beef recipe slow cooker, you can put fresh ground pepper as the completion at the top of this food.
  3. To reach the best result and a very delicious beef, you have to cook the stuff for about 22 hours. It is pretty long time; however, it is very worth to get incredible beef taste.

Get Smooth and Thick Delicious Flavour at Once from Pot Roast Slow Cooker Recipes (Version 2)

If you are looking for delicious menu for your special dinner, perhaps you could try pot roast cook. Even though to get this menu done will take time, but the juices that come from the meat and vegetables after it is done will be unparalleled. These are pot roast slow cooker recipes for you who want to try one.

pot roast slow cooker recipes

pot roast slow cooker recipes

To make this inviting menu, you will need quite many ingredients. For the main ingredient, you will need :

  • beef chuck roast and also all-purpose flour for coating. Prepare around 3 cups of low-sodium beef broth as well.
  • This menu also requires around 1 cup of red wine.
  • Pot roast cook use two types of vegetables; carrots and celery. Cut the carrot into 2-inch length.
  • As for the celeries, after they are being peeled, cut them into 2 inch length. What a bit complicated from this menu is the spices. You will need kosher salt and ground black pepper.
  • Prepare 1 medium onion and about 3 cloves garlic that have been mashed. Get 3 tablespoons tomato paste as well. Several herbs also include in this menu such as bay leaves, fresh thyme, ground allspice, and parsley leaves. Do not forget to prepare olive oil.

These are how you can do with pot roast slow cooker recipes.

How to make it :

  1. Before start cooking, spice the roast with salt and black pepper, and then coat it with flour. Cook the roast on skillet that has been sprinkled with olive oil until its colour turn to be golden brown.
  2. Move the roast into slow cooker and add with carrots, celery, onions and garlic. Meanwhile, use the skillet to heat oil and tomato paste.
  3. Put flour and red wine and stir until it get thick. Add other ingredients such as beef broth, bay leaves, thyme, and allspice.
  4. Spice them up with salt and ground pepper. Stir and cook them until it form gravy. Then, pour the gravy into slow cooker and cook again on low for almost 8 hours. Make sure that the vegetable are cushy.
  5. Before you serve it, take the roast from the cooker and rest it for several minutes. Toss vegetables and gravy with remaining parsley and spice with salt and pepper. Slice the roast into some pieces. Put them on the plate with vegetables. Soften the taste by pouring the gravy on them. You can put the rest of gravy beside the roast on the plate.


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