Relationship orange juice and pregnancy

Many pregnant women are asked influence of orange juice and pregnancy and the benefits of orange juice for pregnancy. During pregnancy, women need sufficient amounts of nutrients for the development of fetal organs. Hormonal changes that increase the sensitivity also affects women in the first three months. Pregnant women should be careful eating food. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and folic acid good for consumption every day. Meanwhile, should avoid foods that contain unsaturated fatty acids to keep the body healthy and give birth to healthy babies.

Orange Juice and Pregnancy.

Orange Juice contains vitamin C is good for the immune system, also eliminates the blockage of mucus in the throat, nasal cavity, lungs, and stomach, also useful to clean the liver and relieve pain in the body due to influenza. The mixture of lime juice and honey is efficacious cure sore throat and tonsils. For those who have stomach upset, of course, choose oranges that are not too acidic.

Benefits of orange Juice for Pregnancy

Orange juice is recommended during pregnancy because they contain vitamin C which that required for immunity and fight infection. Fruits such as bananas and apples either eaten as snacks between meals to keep energy remains stable. Intake of iron-rich foods helps in preventing anemia. In addition, fruit salad can be a daily menu because it contains fiber that helps boost metabolism and immunity, in addition, the relationship orange juice and pregnancy can also reduce the risk of birth defects, boost immunity to colds is not easy. I hope this article can help pregnant women are asked the benefits of orange juice for pregnancy or influence of orange juice and pregnancy.

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