5 Ways to Recover From Hard Exercise

5 Ways to Recover From Hard Exercise

Well, no one asked me this question. I also didn’t hear it anywhere being asked recently, I’m simply trying to answer it for myself. Why? Because I’m sore as hell that’s why. This weekend at one point I felt almost immobilized because I went really hard and long for my closing session of last week.

It’s great going hard and really pushing it more often than not. I mean, after all, that’s what it’s all about. That is the key principle in getting into better shape. But what about the recovery process? Do I sleep enough? I think there are a couple of ways to bring your body back to 100% operation. These are what came to mind.

5 Ways to Recover From Hard Exercise

5 Ways to Recover From Hard Exercise

Ice it

Get a bag and fill it full of ice or crushed ice and lay it on the sore muscle groups. Take turns with your muscle groups rotating the bag or bags. Don’t leave the bag on one area for too long as that will tighten up the area too much and give you a swell that could make it worse. Also, try for a soft type of bag or a plastic bag wrapped in a soft towel.

Zombie Bath –

Sometimes laying without using any muscles for an extended period of time helps really relax the body and central nervous system. A bath is obviously a good way to soothe the muscles and joints (and even the mind).

But try a zombie bath where you lay like an un-awakened zombie laying in your bodies natural resting position without any movement for a while. I mean don’t even blink! Well maybe blink, but don’t move your hands or anything.

Sleeping Positions

I got to bring this up. You might be sleeping wrong. I slept on my side / back in a twisted and contorted pose which could only be seen at a Cirque Du Soleil circus act. After, I was literally sore for 3 days. Find a comfortable “pose” and stick to it. Also, make sure you have plenty of neck support.

Finally, make sure the room temperature is modest and unnoticeable.

Stretch it Out

This isn’t exactly a cure, but a pre-workout necessity. The more elastic you are, the easier your muscles will adapt to the upcoming punishment you are about to inflict upon yourself. Your joints will also appreciate a pre-workout pop, rather than during.

Get a Dose

Of course, I’m going to mention putting the right things into your body here. For example, for optimal muscle synthesis, you would want to take in a lot of protein after a workout. Or the meal you have during that time of day (dinner is usually most fitting here) should be protein rich.

But for rebuilding the destruction of muscle fibers and tissue, you’ll want a lot of naturals. Water is an important one here. Proteins, veggies, and fruits in that order I would say. A lot of meats. Not so many carbohydrates for this.

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A good “repair” meal that comes to mind would be something like stir-fry because it’s packed with protein and veggies. Easy on the sauce now!

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