Raisins, appetite management, and weight loss

There are numerous reasons why a person may want to lose weight; for instance, to reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure and so forth. And just like the reasons, there are countless methods of doing so. Diet, on one hand, is a key determinant on whether you gain or lose weight. The combination of diet and appropriate exercise is another way of reducing weight. What a person eats matters a lot- almost as much as what you do not eat. A good way of effectively losing weight is through the consumption of raisins, then taking walks for exercise.



When we talk about weight loss, it is more about the intake and the usage of the calories and the type of food you eat while on a weight loss regime. Basically, some foods are more effective when it comes to losing weight, while others aid in gaining weight. So as to efficiently lose weight, you should burn more calories than what is retained in the body.
Raisins are some of the best foods when it comes to weight loss. In addition, they are a good source of minerals, potassium, antioxidant, energy and fiber. The main reason why raisins are effective when it come to losing weight is that they satisfy a person’s hunger. How? A single serving of raisins offers a healthy quantity of fiber to those on a serious weight loss plan. Apart from this, they provide enough calories to see a person through a tough workout regime.

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According to a study done in 2008 by some weight loss specialists, consumption of raisins increase the levels of leptin, a hormone that is involved in regulating the appetite in the body. This hormone is also helpful in weight control. After eating raisins, the urge to overeat is suppressed as you feel fuller for longer. This is because raisins come with enough dietary fiber that is required in slowing down the digestion cycle. This in turn aids in hunger control. The longer you feel full, the lower the chances of overindulging in food. As a result of this, the required caloric limits are never exceeded.

All in all, raisins provide a higher fiber and nutritious alternative to sugary foods that are normally high in calories, thereby aiding in weight gain as opposed to weight loss. However, depending on how you use them, they can either help or hinder your weight loss efforts. To get the best results, it is recommended that you discuss your dietary adjustments with your dietician.