Quick and easy lunch recipes,Healthy lunch ideas for work

Whether you need easy lunch recipes for school or workplace or for a light meal at home or while on the go, the options are plenty. You can choose the one that fits your needs well and at the same time is healthy and gives you enough satisfaction. Easy lunch recipes don’t exclude any major ingredients as you normally use such as fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. They only shift focus on easy and simple methods of preparation. It could be anything from sumptuous salads to tasty sandwiches, from bento lunch boxes to delicious soups.

Easy lunch recipes can consist of some combination of readymade preparations or entirely focus on some non-cooking or minimal cooking items. Most such recipes serve as a hunger booster or as one which can keep you free from hunger pangs until some suitable time on some of those, especially busy days. Your easy lunch recipes can be anything from soft sweets to hard dishes, some hot desserts to delicious drinks. Easy lunch recipes and ideas for the same vary from country to country and region to region. Most of the variation comes from the differences in culture, climate, food availabilities and cooking styles of the regions.

quick and easy lunch recipes,Healthy lunch ideas for work

quick and easy lunch recipes, Healthy lunch ideas for work

Many food items that you find among easy lunch recipes will easily be available from stalls and restaurants. But going in for self-preparation has always an advantage and can be the cheapest, the easiest and the healthiest option. Don’t ever compromise your health for cheap and fast foods which use harmful preservatives and can be adulterated in many ways. Just a small effort on your part can make available for you food that is good for both your body and mind and at the same time can please your taste buds.

Here are some easy lunch recipes which can make you go in search for some more or even arouse the creativity in you to come up with some of your own ideas:

  1. Chicken Soba noodles – quite easy to prepare in just around 15 minutes
  2. Melon & Crunchy Bran Pots – a healthy pot of yogurt, fruit, and seeds can serve as a wonderful mid-afternoon appetizer.
  3. Butter Bean & Tomato Salad – it’s a wonderful, cool, all-vegetarian salad that can easily boost your mid-afternoon health and energy.
  4. Ready-to-go-tortilla-wraps – a favorite of kids, these easy and handy wraps of tortilla, cheese, and thinly sliced vegetables can give you enough of carbohydrates as well as fiber.
When looking for new easy lunch recipes, it is important to consider health and nutrition. For families and individuals alike, this can mean packed lunches for school or work. Starting healthy eating habits at an early age can prevent problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Tuna is a great way to incorporate these habits into any lifestyle. A simple can opens endless possibilities, with hundreds of recipes.
Try reinventing an old time favorite, the tuna sandwich, with some creative additions. Use veggies such as red or green peppers, or celery and cucumber. Try mustard, hot sauce, or banana peppers for a little heat. Add pickles, avocado, or certain cheeses for a milder sandwich. The options are plenty, and yours to get creative with.
When time is a factor, a can of tuna can provide the convenience you need to get you and your family moving, and out the door. Furthermore, tuna is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make more than just sandwiches. Tacos, pizzas, wraps and salads, just to name a few, are all easy to make and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.
Tuna fish provides many positive health benefits. In addition to healthy vitamins and minerals, tuna contains the highly heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help lower high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

Healthy lunch ideas for work

Healthy lunch ideas for work mean bringing something healthy and delicious from home rather than grabbing a sandwich or two from the restaurant around the corner.

Healthy lunch ideas for work is not about heavy lunches, but about something like a simple roll, wrap or a sandwich which can easily be made and packed into your lunch box. A combination of bread or tortillas and some vegetables like cabbage or carrots with some butter and spice can be one of the numerous healthy lunch ideas for work. It can give you a wonderful pack of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

One Simple Lunch Recipe For Kids

Your work table can be overrun by different ingredients, drops of the seasonings, measuring instruments, scattered utensils, and other cookware. It is a lot of fun for them, or who knows you may really enjoy the taste of the chaos once in while. This can actually be liberating, However, for kids, the experience is very hilarious & when they make good with the food, the feeling will be very fulfilling. There’re many simple lunch recipes that the kids may make. Some can be very simple and easy dishes that include the omelet recipes or other breakfast dishes. Or making French toasts can be very easy also. The salads & sandwiches are quite simple to make and they are quite healthy. The kids will as well bring the sandwiches for lunch breaks.

chocolate and banana crepe,quick and easy lunch recipes

chocolate and banana crepe, quick and easy lunch recipes

One easy recipe will be making the banana crepe, and make than chocolate and banana crepe. So, what you will require is:


  • crepe flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • butter
  • melted chocolate
  • and sliced bananas.

How to make it:

Just mix together the whole thing in one bowl except the chocolate, butter, and bananas. Let your child do mixing process. Then use butter to grease crepe pan and pour crepe mixture on this. Ensure you spread out mixture over a pan. Remember flipping this to cook another side. When cooked, spread melted chocolate and line up banana slices, and fold it. You may add a little more of chocolate on outside area.