Lose those Flaps with this Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

Lose those Flaps with this Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss Guide

If you are having trouble trying to lose your weight, why not jump on the bandwagon and try this pu erh tea weight loss guide? I know some of you might say that to lose weight, you need to start reducing your food and beverage consumption. You need to start exercising and throw away all that thoughts about diet tea and any other ‘consumption’ that may reduce the amount of fat in you. Perhaps a few of you might think that things like diet beverages are a bunch of superstition that should not be followed nor trusted.

Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

You know what, people? Some of you are wrong.

But I am not one to tell people that they are wrong without providing some scientifically proven facts on the side. That is why I am making this guide, to show you people that some drinks can help you in your weight loss. One of that drink is a very popular thing in people trying to lose weight: the pu erh tea.

That is right, folks. Not protein drink, not coffee, not milk, but tea! This particular tea is effective when you are trying to lose weight. Why is that? Check out the reasons below if you are interested:

Pu erh tea has little amount of caffeine in it

Caffeine is pretty much contained in every drinks out there in the world. Too much caffeine would not help you lower that number on your scale, so what is the best option? Reducing caffeine, of course.

Pu erh tea, like any other teas out there in the world, contains caffeine as well. However, the level of caffeine in this specific tea is pretty minimum. This would mean less caffeine and more of the good stuff, so you do not have to worry about drinking too much of this tea (you, however, still need to control your daily pu erh tea intake. That is unless you want to get overdosed on tea. Death by overdosing on tea does not seem like a good way to die, right?)

Just like other teas out there, it contains antioxidants, albeit in higher number

An antioxidant is like a thing that helps you free yourselves from the toxic things from your body. It is like an antidote, but instead of neutralizing poisons that came externally, an antioxidant can prevent a process of oxidation in your insides. Trust me; you would not want to have an oxidation process in your body. It will ruin many parts of your body and it can add that second or third chin on your neck.

But how to use Pu erh tea for Weight Loss effectively?

Harnessing the power of pu erh tea is as easy as taking it after when you are finished with your meals (the tea would not care whether you drink it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner). But be mindful not to drink the tea all the while you are eating the meals (if you do that, you will get fatter instead). Instead, drink it right after 60 minutes of time has passed from the last time you have eaten your food.