Prune Juice Nutritional & Health Benefits

A prune is a dried plum which is used mainly for digestion. Prunes are mainly used for sweet and savory dishes. Prune juice helps solve so many health conditions in our body. It is very beneficial due to the presence of antioxidants in it which fights the radicals which cause cell damage. It can be very good for the health of the heart., reducing the LDL cholesterol. It also lowers the blood pressure contributing to a regulate heart beat. It also helps to lose weight. Drinking a single glass of prune juice every day protects each area of the body against problems such as cancer, maintaining the cell membranes strong as well as functional.

prune juice

prune juice

Prune Juice For Skin

Here are few reasons as to how prune juice can be beneficial for your daily skin care routine.

Get Rid of Skin Issues

The worst problem faced by the youth and adults for skin problems are acne and pimples. Prune juice helps to reduce these problems to a greater extent.  Since it cleanses the colon, you should include it in your diet at least once in a week. It helps in flushing out the toxins present in the stomach which is the major cause of skin problem.

Prevents from aging

Prune juice contains abundant antioxidants, hence it helps in common aging issues like wrinkles, fine lines etc and makes the skin look young and fresh.

Contains essential nutrients

Prune juice contains vitamin A and C. Thus intake of one glass of prune juice will increase the vitamin level of our body without any vitamin supplement.

Mineral supply to our body

Prune juice contains many minerals in it.  The magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous etc present in the prune juice fights against the mineral deficiency in our body and gives a glowing skin.

Great moisturizer

Prune juice has good moisturizing effects on the skin. People who have issues like dry skin or oily skin can use prune juice or the prune fruit facial mask to solve such problems. It makes your skin very soft and revitalizes it.

Prune Juice For Hair

Maintaining healthy hair

Prune juice has so many vitamins in it. They are very beneficial for your hair. They help you to get strong hair roots and stop breakage of hairs.

Helps Grow Hair 

Prune juice helps in nourishing your hair since they are very rich in minerals. The minerals and vitamins available in it helps promote the growth of hair and makes your hair shine.

Nutritional Prune Juice

The way of fast life today with improper eating habits is causing more people to get diseases such as constipation. Consuming Prune juice is one of the fastest remedies for constipation which helps to flush out the waste materials from the body. It is rich in insoluble fiber which helps the stool to pass thus relieving constipation. It also balances the blood sugar which prevents diabetes. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol balance protecting our heart.

Thus prune juice is of high nutritional value and can be consumed on the weekly basis.

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