Prune Juice for Constipation

Safe Treatment with Prune Juice for Constipation

Prune juice for constipation is recommended for every people, especially for pregnant women. Prune juice is having many health benefits include an overwhelming amount of fiber that will obviously help to relieve constipation. The prune juice is delicious, so you will not find a hard time in drinking it. It is also good to be used as a breakfast. It is healthy even when you are not having constipation at the time. Even children love the taste because it is delicious and sweet. It is not good to drink too much, so make sure to drink and serve on an appropriate size only.

It is not good to give prune juice for constipation for baby. It will make them have colic instead. It is the best to ask the health consultant or doctor to get the best solution for the illness. Now, let’s get into how to make the prune juice. To begin with, it is the best to buy organic prune. You can usually find a prune in the packet, which was sold in a supermarket, so finding one is not a hard task. Take two handfuls of destined prunes and place them in a bowl full of water. The water will help to make the prune easier to blend later. You can leave the soaked prune for few hours up to overnight for the best result. At the morning, take the soaked prune and put it in the blender. Add some water and blend it until it is blending well. Make sure that the prune is smooth enough to drink. Take a glass, and your prune juice is ready.

As for prune juice for constipation, you need to drink it constantly. That is why that the taste might not suit your taste. It is the best to add apple or banana on the juice to make it tastier. Some of the health benefits from prune are that it is very good to maintain normal sugar levels. It contains iron and potassium that is good for the healthy blood. The prune also has a good amount of vitamin A and C that will improve the health of your hair, eyes, and skin.

Not only does the juice is good for constipation, the juice is also good for your overall health. It is a good decision to start drinking prune juice as a breakfast to improve your health and for prune juice for constipation.

– Constipation In children –

While irregularity might occur to anyone of any age, it often occurs during particular times in a child’s life. The beginning of school and toilet training are 2 times when kids might have trouble due to the stress. Throughout the process of toilet instruction, seeking to push a young child when he/she is scared might make them reticent or unable to go from fear, resulting in constipation.

Several other reasons can also be at fault for regularity issues. If your youngster is too occupied with play time or school work to actually remember to go (which, funny enough happens more often than you might think), it may snowball into a more serious problem. Stool may become tougher and greater as it accumulates. This may make it unpleasant to move, and frighten to go to the bathroom a result. They might avoid the unpleasant experience again.

Small life changes can help quicken the passing of constipation such as changes in sleep, exercise schedule, an increase of fluid intake or frequency and types of meals. These are usually overlooked and not reliable enough to take not of and therefore not an effective remedy. Luckily, most cases of constipation are short-lived but there are many natural ways of helping.

Prune Juice for Constipation

The juice of these shriveled little fruits contains a sugar alcohol called glycol; better known as Sorbitol. Sorbitol is found in pears, peaches, apples and of course, most present in the prune. Physiologically, because it promotes liquid absorbsion in the intestine, Sorbitol softens stool making it much easier to pass. It is for this reason that Prune Juice for constipation is so widely used.

Prune Juice for Constipation

Prune Juice for Constipation

Something else to consider is that the gastrointestinal benefits prunes offer are not exclusive. Like many fruits, prunes offer ample amounts of vitamins and minerals, some of which are found in much lower levels in other fruits. One of these most well known and beneficial organic compounds is beta carotene, a red-orange pigment found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s what gives carrots their color. As a super-powerful antioxidant, beta-carotene fights bad oxygen molecules by counteracting them in the body. This is believed to help fight cancer and other diseases.

– Lower Blood Pressure –

Another excellent advantage of prunes is that they are high in Potassium and vitamin C. In fact, just 10 whole prunes contain 626 mg of potassium, roughly 18% of the recommended daily value. Potassium is an essential mineral in keeping blood pressure low. Studies have shown that, even if only for a brief period of time, a decrease in potassium levels in the human body results in higher blood pressure. So prunes and prune juice aid in promoting lower blood pressure.

In addition to prunes’ natural laxative properties, they are very high in antioxidants and dietary fiber (0.06g for just a gram of prunes). As a juice, however, the prunes have lost 99% of the fiber but serves as a more practical laxative. Juice has a more concentrated amount of vitamin C but its benefits end there.

So even though prune juice is in a more convenient and a better on-the-go source of nutrition, it should be noted that whole prunes’ are more nutritious on the whole.

It should also be noted that it is possible for Sorbitol to adversely affect individuals with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) among other similar conditions, resulting in minor to severe pain in the abdomen. This is however quite rare.

So next time you find yourself in the grocery with a belly ache browsing the medicine aisle remember, there is a less intrusive all natural alternative to pills over near the fruit.

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