Prickly Pear Juice Hangover Remedies

Prickly pear juice hangover remedies perhaps a new thing for you. Sounds perfect, eh? The alcohol hangover or also known as VEISALGIA has considerable health consequences. The hangover patients are at risk for workplace injuries because of the decreasing of visual spatial skills and ability. The frequent alcohol hangovers also are at raised risk for a cardiac death.

Pear Juices

Pear Juices

Few studies have used an experimental design to encourage the alcohol hangovers and evaluate promising therapies. Only vitamin B6 and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug offer betterment in subjective indication. Under the period of emphasis, the body will synthesize intracellular heat shock proteins liable for cellular repair. These proteins preserve the integrity of the cellular nucleus remove damage proteins and repair altered proteins. An early peak of heat shock proteins has been demonstrated to decrease the vascular destruction. A study stated that human with the highest early peak of heat shock proteins had the lowest asperity incidence of weakness, dizziness, dry mouth and nausea. And those symptoms are very similar to that of the alcohol hangover.

What is the relation of the studies above to prickly pear juice hangover remedies? Good news. Opuntia ficus indicia or prickly pear fruit is proven as an inflammation reducer. A studied has proven that an extract of the prickly pear fruit’s skin, would help to accelerate synthesize of heat shock proteins plus reduce oxidative injury. I wrote this article not to suggest you to drink alcohol as much as you want since consuming prickly pear juice may help you get rid of the hangover. Excessive alcohol consumption is a huge problem for us. The intention to write this is to reduce the risk of harmful effects of the hangover for public safety. Not to support the alcohol abuse in society.

So, if you have planned to go to a party and drink with your friends tonight, you may consider taking a glass of prickly pear juice before you take off. It will help to prevent the hangover and it is worth it to protect you and for the sake of public safety. Buy some prickly pear fruit from the store and juice it at your home or easier, buy a 100% pure juice in a carton from the supermarket near your house and you’ll get the prickly pear juice hangover remedies.

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