Top 3 Persimmon Juice Benefits

Persimmon Juice has a lot of fluoride content, so the drink is very useful for dental health. The traditional healer who comes from Nigeria, South Africa, many using persimmon fruit to turn off all kinds of parasites in the intestines, but they prefers to use the immature fruit. They believe that the fruit is in a state of immature definitely feels very uncomfortable and it kills the parasites that are dangerous.

Immature persimmon fruit juice made juice to remove the worms that cause abdominal pain. If you can not bear to be drunk directly persimmon juice can be mixed with apple juice or cider vinegar in equal measure. Health experts recommend half a cup of persimmon juice taken on an empty stomach is still in a state at the time of the morning and evening until the parasites in the intestines can totally clean.

Persimmon Juice

Persimmon Juice

Some Benefits of Persimmon Juice:

  • Hand cut or sliced. The injured hand is a thing that often happens when we’re working with sharp tools. Juice contained in the substance astringent persimmon juice, ideal for covering the skin in order to stop the bleeding.
  • Hemorrhoids. The popular name of the disease is nothing more than piles of swelling or splitting of muscle blood vessels located in the anal area, persimmon juice to overcome the pain.
  • Tooth loss. Sometimes a person’s teeth in the mouth due date of tooth decay, lack of vitamin D, malaise are common or because the conflict was suddenly quite hard on the jaw. Persimmon juice is the best astringent substance, which means it can cause very strong contractions or to narrow down where the tooth tissue. Fill one or two cotton ball with persimmon juice and apply on that date around the teeth and let some time. Repeat this process several times a day for several days.
  • Blood vessels bloom (Varicose veins). There are blood vessels which become swollen and twisted because of damage to blood vessels inside the valve that normally receive blood flow. Varicose veins usually develop on the lower legs. Although the usefulness of juice contained in the persimmon juice is very limited here, but at least able to give a hope for women who suffer from this problem bad enough. Here there are three different kinds of blood vessels located at the foot of which are: blood vessels located on the upper surface, located just below the skin, blood vessels that lie beneath the skin, blood vessels are embedded in the muscle, and blood vessels with holes the spigot allows the flow of blood from the upper surface flow into the inside of blood vessels. At the time of the bulge began to appear in the veins of blood vessels in the upper surface, the woman should get used to rubbing a cotton ball soaked in persimmon juice into the back of her legs every day to prevent varicose veins from getting worse.

After brooding some persimmons for about five days at room temperature, then the fruit is ready to be used as a drug, not as a food that can be enjoyed delicious. I prefer to consume this fruit made into juice first. Persimmon juice derived from persimmon fruit was a lot of benefits so quickly to think of this fruit juice.

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