Pear Juice Concentrate, Is It Healthy Enough?

Pear juice concentrates label on the carton of your juice may raise many questions for some other people. The most common questions that ever asked are: Will we get the same healthy benefit as if we drink the nonconcentrate juice? Is it a good thing to drink juice from the concentrate? Is it true when they say concentrate juice contained zero nutrition? On this post, we will discuss it and I hope this article can be informative and useful for both you and me.

Pear Juice Concentrate

Pear Juice Concentrate

To be frankly, in my humble opinion, I must say I disagree with the statements that said drinking pear juice concentrate is unhealthy. Actually, a concentrate of pear juice is not much different from the one that labeled as non-concentrate pear juice. Referring to U.S Department of Agriculture’s Standard Nutrient Database, the level of vitamins that contain in a concentrate and non-concentrate juice is about same. Therefore, the differences between these two types of juice shouldn’t be an issue for us as the consumer. Both concentrate and non-concentrate actually need to go through same few steps such as extractions and packaging. The only problem with concentrate is maybe the heating process.

To make a concentrate, there is a process that takes a lot of heating. This process may affect the vitamin levels in the fruit and may break down the antioxidant itself. But one thing that you may not know, as a matter of fact, the non-concentrate juice that we buy in the market also have to trough the pasteurize process. And if we compare with the concentrate, the heating process for concentrate juice could kill the bacteria. Meaning to say, you could lower the risk of consuming spoil juice. However, my intention here, just to share my thought regarding pear juice concentrates. If you are willing to buy a concentrated juice in the market, just do it. I don’t think it is particularly harmful and yeah, the price is much cheaper than the one with label 100% natural juice. Anyhow, if you have time to make a natural fresh juice by yourself, I suggest you do it yourself. The organic always better. I will leave you here and let you decide, is that okay to buy and drink a pear juice concentrate?

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