Easy Fat Burning Papaya and Banana Smoothie

Fat Burning Papaya and Banana Smoothie for Healthy Diet

Papaya and banana are tropical fruits with rich vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to improve body health. You can consume regularly in the morning before heavy meals. Papaya and banana smoothie is a good option in order to gain fast result for their nutrients. Recipe to create this smoothie is simple and takes less time to make it ready. Before going to instructions, it is better to know capability and nutrients inside papaya and banana.

papaya and banana

papaya and banana

Both of fruits are native plants from South America in a tropical area. Nowadays, you can get papaya in Asia, America, and Africa. Of course, only tropic countries are able to put papaya as one of national product. Such condition is similar to banana were spread to many continents.

Papaya contains vitamin A and C to keep metabolism in check. Vitamin C is also good to increase immune system and skin texture. Experts suggest diet program include papaya as the main menu. Another benefit is antioxidant, which prevent free radical agent to penetrate the body. Today, air and water pollutions are something you cannot escape. Papaya will handle such problem. The last benefit is to improve the digestive system. It prevents constipation and makes stomach feel better.

Papaya and banana smoothie cannot be completed without knowing banana capability. This fruit also has vitamin C, D, and A, though not as much as papaya. However, banana is good to treat skin issue. One of the major benefit of banana is potassium to control blood pressure. One main purpose in the diet is blood pressure at a stable level. When blood is in danger, effect spreads to every part of the body. Potassium makes sure blood pressure is not too high. Diabetes, heart diseases, kidney, and stroke are diseases as the effect of hypertension.

papaya and banana smoothie recipe

papaya and banana smoothie recipe

Making papaya and banana smoothie is easy. Ingredients are :

  • a banana
  • papaya
  • water
  • honey
  • and lime juice.

How to make it:

  1. Firstly, cut banana and papaya into small pieces. Put them in blender then add honey, water, and lime juice.
  2. Mix until blend completely then put on gas. Papaya has soft texture so use medium speed while mixing. You can remove lime juice if do not like the sour taste. Honey is at a normal level to prevent much sweet.

When do you consume this smoothie? Morning and night are the right time to consume papaya and banana smoothie, but lunch might be good too when you are in busy activity. Smoothie gives quick energy to support any activity. However, you still need to have the heavy meal in order to maintain metabolism at normal circulation.

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