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On this page, your going to learn exactly how I make my own orange banana smoothie and what I do to make it so delicious.The great thing about this smoothie is that you can practically make it anywhere – I mean, who doesn’t have oranges and bananas in their homes? Anyhow, your going to really love drinking this smoothie. Enjoy!

The Fresh Orange Smoothie 

First, you have to prepare some oranges, ice, the milk of your choice, honey or agave for sweetener, and vanilla.

Some people like to use whole milk, low fat or even soy or coconut milk. You can use other sweetener than honey or agave, or not use sweetener at all, as this ingredient is optional according to each person’s taste.


orange smoothie recipes

How to make an orange smoothie :

  1. Toss all the prepared ingredients into the blender and run it. You can try to taste it first before adding more of the ingredients as your likings.
  2. Add ice if it’s not cold enough. Blend until smooth and your tasty orange smoothie is good to serve.

Orange smoothie recipe : Orange-Pineapple-Persimmon Smoothie!

My orange smoothie recipe is one of my favorite creations! I make healthy smoothie recipes like this one using 100% ripe, fresh fruits:



My orange smoothie recipe is PERFECT for breakfast or for an afternoon snack on a blah winter day.

The vibrant colors of citrus (which are in season in the winter months) and the luscious, deep orange hues of the persimmon fruit can’t help but cheer you!

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What is a persimmon?


persimmon orange smoothie recipe

This delicious autumnal fruit is often overlooked, but it’s an excellent addition to an orange smoothie recipe. Wait until it’s fully ripened before you use it! You’ll know it’s ripe when it gets really, really soft like jelly.

My Orange Pineapple Persimmon Smoothie takes only a few minutes to make.

Orange smoothie recipe ingredients:

You will need:



  • 1/2 pineapple (remove peel and cut pineapple meat into cubes)
  • 3 clementine oranges, peeled
  • 1 very soft, ripe persimmon
  • 2 ice cubes



  1. First, place the peeled clementines and the pineapple cubes into the blender and blend until smooth. You may have to stop the blender, remove the pitcher from the base and give it a good shake a couple of times if the pineapple cubes become stuck in the blades.
  2. Next you’re going to add the persimmon. Cut the persimmon into circles like this:


Then, you can easily cut awaythe peel from each circle and place only the jelly-like interior in the blender:

Add the ice cubes and blend until VERY smooth. Ready to serve.




persimmon orange smoothie

Orange Smoothie Recipe: Orange Banana Smoothie Tutorial


Here is what you need to make an orange banana smoothie.

  1. 1 banana chopped into four segments
  2. 1 cup of orange juice
  3. 1/2 a cup of 0% fat yogurt (better if it is plain yogurt)
  4. 1 tablespoon of honey
  5. 3 ice cubes (optional)


Now that you have all the necessary ingredients, follow these directions.

  1. Place your banana and orange juice into a blender and blend them together.
  2. Next add the yoghurt and honey, and blend them together
  3. If you would like a cooler, more refreshing smoothie, then add the ice cubes into the blender and blend away until you have a smooth liquid remaining.
  4. Pour this smoothie into two separate cups and enjoy.
orange banana smoothie recipe

orange banana smoothie recipe


  • 1 tablespoon flax seeds or chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • Anything else that sounds good

Orange smoothie with orange juice, yogurt and strawberries

  • 250 gram strawberries
  • 175 gram yoghurt with 1.5% fat
  • 125 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • 4 ice cubes

For garnish:

  • 2 long thin wooden skewers
  • 2 sprigs fresh mint tips (if available)

How to make an orange smoothie

Fills 2 glasses of about 250 ml (half a pint), make sure all ingredients come straight out of the fridge.

  1. Wash the strawberries, remove the green stems, keep two berries aside for decoration to the side and quarter the rest.
  2. Blend the strawberries with the yogurt, orange juice and vanilla sugar in a simple blender or smoothie maker.
  3. Taste and add more sugar or honey if needed and blend again.
  4. Add 2 ice cubes in each glass and pour the smoothie over it.
orange smoothie with orange juice yogurt and strawberrie

orange smoothie with orange juice yogurt and strawberrie

Cut the “decorative” strawberries in half, put the 2 halves of the same berry on a skewer. Place the skewers on the glasses, add 1 mint tip if available and serve your delicious fruit smoothie immediately.

Health Benefits Of The Orange Banana Smoothie:

Now this smoothie has more than one benefit. I’m going to highlight some of its main advantages below:

  1. Reduces the risk of stroke: As the American Heart Association say, when we eat more citrus fruits (such as oranges) we lower the ischemic stroke risk for women.
  2. Blood pressure: You probably know by now that having a low amount of sodium is a fantastic way to lower blood pressure, whereas a high level of potassium is important for vasodilation. Oranges help achieve these goals.
  3. Skin benefits: Oranges contain the antioxidant vitamin C, which helps to reduce skin damage caused by the sun and pollution. It also helps to reduce wrinkles too!


I find it funny how we all know the common proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But equally, an orange or banana should also be recommended too. Anyhow, if you drink this smoothie everyday, then your going to be having a “banana” and “orange” a day. Hopefully, that will also keep the doctor away.

The great thing about this smoothie is not only does it taste nice, it is also packed full of nutrients that only benefit you skin. As this smoothie is low in calories it can also be used as a weight loss smoothie. To find out more about how to lose weight with smoothies, visit my smoothie weight loss page.

I know your going to love this smoothie. Happy blending!

Suggested uses:

You can make this recipe in the morning, pour it in a thermos, and carry it to work with you. Put it in the office refrigerator and in the mid-morning or the afternoon, when you would normally get hit by a junk food craving, drink your orange smoothie recipe instead!

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