Orange Juice Concentrate

Orange Juice Concentrate. When World War II, frozen orange juice concentrate gave the troops of World War II delicious and healthy juice. It became such a hit with the American public and soon after, it spread around the world. After World War II, the demand for frozen orange juice concentrates escalated because most Americans have now stopped making their own juices. Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate or FOJC was developed after reliable refrigeration systems were invented.

Now, the frozen orange juice industry has experienced a dramatic growth internationally because of the advancement of technological innovation in packaging and the easier access to bulk transportation. Oranges are extracted in large quantities when making frozen orange juice concentrate. To make the juice concentrated, heat and vacuum are used to remove some of the water. Making frozen orange juice concentrate though is not as hard as you would imagine.

Homemade Orange Juice

Homemade Orange Juice

Here’s how to make Orange Juice Concentrate:

  • Pour fresh orange juice into a narrow-necked plastic container like a jug. Leave room for expansion, cover, and freeze. Once the juice is fully frozen, remove the cover and suspend the container upside down over another container. Let the frozen orange juice thaw drip by drip into the lower container until there’s only ice left. Just discard the ice because you won’t need that anymore.
  • Pour back the separated juice into the empty jug and just repeat the freezing and dripping process two more times to produce a fine concentrate.
  • Finally, store the orange juice concentrate in a jar or put it in ice trays and freeze again.

Now, you now have a homemade frozen orange juice concentrate to enjoy whenever you like.

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