Martinelli Apple Juice as Healthy Drinking

Martinelli apple juice is made by S. Martinelli & Company and well known as non-alcoholic sparkling cider and its premium apple juice has the delicious taste. Even, some customers believe that Martinelli’s apple juice has the best tasting with an apple mill and fresh apple juice pressed.

Martinelli’s apple juice

Martinelli’s apple juice

Although Martinelli apple juice made in the USA and having a long history behind the drink but Martinelli apple juice has spread in around the globe. As we know, when people taste a product, they may consider many factors, such as taste, appearance, and packaging. And most of the reviewer agrees that Martinelli apple juice become one of delicious apple juice.

Previously, Martinelli apple juice made from local apple orchards but now, the company of Martinelli apple juice makes this juice with a variety of other fruit variations of their famous cider line, not to mention a line of lemonades and some super fruit juice lines to make it having the delicious and fresh taste.

Additionally, Martinelli’s classic sparkling cider has a simple crisp apple flavor that is refreshing with any meal so that you can get qualified product. Actually, Martinelli apple juice is made from 100% pure juice from apple, not from concentrate and made with organic wheat flour, pasteurized for purity, no added sweetener or preservatives. And that make Martinelli apple juice become a perfect choice for school lunches, children parties, pool and beaches, travel, and sports events. It is not surprising because Martinelli apple juice is labeled for individual resale and shatterproof plastic bottles.
In order to get healthy drinking, Martinelli assures the consumers that Martinelli apple juice and Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider are pasteurized since 1917 and therefore it does not contain any harmful bacteria such as E. coli because unpasteurized drinking may contain E. coli bacteria. This information is very important to be known by consumers because they will believe that Martinelli apple juice has high quality so that they do not need to worry about harmful bacteria. However, there are other Martinelli’s products include cider and apple juice, packaged in a distinctive apple shaped bottle, sparkling apple, and apple berry juice, and unfiltered apple juice.

Basically, all of the drinking companies such as Martinelli apple juice are so concern about pasteurization because pasteurization has been a standard practice in the juice industry since the 1920s, most self-stable juice labels no longer contain pasteurization information. And the recent growth of the refrigerated raw unpasteurized juice category, however, has now made it important for consumers to understand and know more of these differences. For this reason, Martinelli apple juice is sealed in glass bottles with safety button vacuum caps and with twist off or pry off crowns so that consumers can be sure it Martinelli apple juice is pasteurized.

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Martinelli’s apple juice that made from fresh apples, blended to achieve a perfect balance of natural tartness and sweetness with serving size 8fl or 355 ml are contained calories: 140, calories from fat: 0 total fat 0g (%dv 0), sodium 0g (%dv 0), total carb 35g (%dv 12), potassium 120mg (%dv 3), carbs from sugar 31g which is naturally occurring in fruit, riboflavin 8%, protein 1g, vitamin c 2%, and niacin 8%. According to those vitamins, mineral, and calories, it is not surprising if Martinelli apple juice gets gold medal standard for pure, 100% juice from the US grew fresh apples. So, if you want to be healthy and enjoy pure apple juice, you can try Martinelli apple juice.

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