How To Make Low Calorie Ground Beef – Easy Recipes

For people who really want an ideal body, the need for low calorie ground beef recipes is really essential. Some people admit that even if they want the ideal body, they also want to enjoy eating the low-calorie meat because of its tasty taste. As you can see, it’s really important for human to keep their appetite high even if they can’t consume many calories because of their strict diet program. In order to help these people, we decide to issue our own recipe about how to make a low calorie ground beef food which is delicious. Well, just check our tips out below!

Low Calorie Ground Beef Recipes : How to Make It?

Low Calorie Ground Beef Recipes – Boiled Recipe with Chilies

low calorie ground beef recipes - boiled with chili

low calorie ground beef recipes – boiled with chilis

Research suggests that food with spicy ingredient can help the fat burning process in human’s body, and that’s why we want to share our recipe over this.

You may prepare the ingredients like beef meats, chili, salt, and also necessary spices. You also have to prepare a good cooking tool to boil everything.

How to make it :

  1. At first, try to boil the water for the first ten minutes, and after that put your beef in it. Remember, you have to make sure that the beef meats that you put in already lost of their fat, in order to reduce your calorie intake.
  2. In the same time, just prepare your chili liquid and put it down after 20 minutes of boiling process. You can also put the tomato and also beans to add its taste and raise your appetite.

Low Calorie Ground Beef Recipes – Mix With Vegetables

low calorie ground beef recipes

low calorie ground beef recipes

You can also start other low calorie ground beef recipes with mix the beef with other ingredients, like vegetables. The process is quite same with the process of boiled beef with chilies; however it’s also important for you to know that it can be different if you mix your beef with the vegetables.

How to make it :

  1. First of all, it’s important for you to clean the vegetables carefully before you mix it with the beef. It’s also important to use some salt to enrich its flavor, because we believe that it will be not delicious for you if you eat this without any salt.
  2. To reduce its calorie intake, just make sure that you drink two glass of water before eat the whole soup, because many research find it can be useful. Another trick that you can also use is by cook it in small pan, so you don’t have to be feel guilty with throw your left soup after eat it.
healthy recipes with ground beef

low Calorie Ground Beef Recipes

That’s all of our simple tips and tricks for you about the way for you to cook this specific recipe. We believe that it will be easier for you to cook those low calorie ground beef recipes after read this article carefully. Happy cooking and good luck!


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