Can you Lose Weight Taking Water Pills?

The Loss and the Informed: Can you Lose Weight Taking Water Pills?

For today’s very own article, there is one question I would like to discuss with all of you: can you lose weight taking water pills? Today’s advancement in the health and science department often left me and some other people in awe. We already have pills that can turn your human excrement into gold and we already have some people trying to turn said excrement into a recycled food that we can eat again. Is it not marvelous? Then there is also the water pills, which is the thing I am going to talk about today.

water-pills-and weight-loss

water-pills-and weight-loss

Water pills are probably one of the most important things to have if you have a high blood pressure in your bloodstreams. But what exactly are they? Are they relevant with today’s weight loss guide? If you are interested to know more about one of humanity’s greatest invention in the world of health and science, do be sure to continue reading this article.

First thing first: the definition of water pills

Water pills, contrary to what others have told me, is not actually a pill that contains water inside of the capsule. This misconception was born of ignorance, and ignorance has no place in the world of medicine. So, what is a water pill actually is?

It is actually a sort of pill that contains drugs that will ‘provoke’ your kidneys and bladder. The drugs contained within water pills will tell your kidneys to produce lots of piss water. Your bladder would not be able to hold it any longer and you will have to pee a lot more times than you usually does (and in much higher volume too. It is possible to pee for liters if you consume enough amount of water pills). Your urine will be saltier as well, hence it’s important for people with high blood pressure.

Second, how it can help with weight loss

Too many salts in your body can AND will increase your body weight. Water pills act like a magnet for salts in your body. If you take water pills, the drugs in the pill will bring those salts with them on their way to the kidney. Like I said from before, your piss will be even saltier than usual (do not ask me how others can find out about this. Perhaps they drink their own urine after they have taken a water pill. Nevertheless, I do not want to imagine it).

“Water pills will take your saltiness level of your body to the very ground and you will have a less salty body. Less salty body means less weight, remember that.”

Third, the side effects of using water pills as a supplement to lose weight

Although you will have less salt in your body, you will also have fewer electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential for the well-being of your body. Without them, you would not be able to have a sufficient amount of energy for your daily activity. It can also dehydrate you. If you never face dehydration before, think of it like a feeling of extreme dizziness in your head, a feeling of dryness in your skin, lips, and mouth in general, and a much less energized body.

My advice? If you want to lose some fat on your bones, avoid water pills like heck as the cons outweigh the pros. It is still your life though, so you are free to choose whatever the best for you.