Drinking Lemon Juice & Hot Water For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a new way to lose weight? If so, you might want to try out lemon juice & hot water for weight loss. Even though drinking a beverage which is a mix between hot water and lemon juice will not make you lose your weight in an instant, it can still make a difference towards your goal of losing weight. There are substances contained in lemon juice that naturally helps with weight loss. If you do not leave the lemon pulp behind from the drink, you will be adding pectin to the drink and it is a substance that increases your satiety. Mostly, the drink is very useful in helping a person to lose weight as long as they use the drink to replace other beverages that are high in calories.

lemon juice and hot water for weight loss

lemon juice and hot water for weight loss

Components Of Lemon Juice That Aid Weight Loss

There are several ingredients which are contained in lemon juice and has an association with the maintenance of a healthy weight. The first ingredient is ascorbic acid, or what is most commonly known as vitamin C. The vitamin has a negative correlation towards the body mass, which means that the more vitamin C a person consumes, the lesser they weigh. This is derived from a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in the year of 2007. A total of 118 men and women participated in the study and the vitamin C levels in their blood was tested. The result was that people who had lower vitamin C levels were overweight and their waist measurements were larger. On the other hand, people with the proper amount of vitamin C levels in their blood benefit from having more fat broken down when they exercised.

Lemons are also a great source of an antioxidant called as hesperetin. A study published in July 2015 by Genes and Nutrition tested the effects of hesperetin consumption on laboratory mice. The laboratory mice that consumed a high-fat diet but also hesperetin at the same time experienced less increase in weight compared to those who did not consume hesperetin. The conclusion derived from the results was that the differences in weight between the two groups of mice must not have been a result of lipid oxidation, and there is a need for more studies regarding hesperetin in order to be more sure about how it affects weight and whether the effect applies to human beings.

As mentioned before, the pulp of lemons contains pectin which is useful in weight loss. Pectins are actually soluble fibers. When it is mixed with water, it will turn into a gel. The gel-like mass will prevent increases in the glucose levels in your blood if eaten at the same time you eat carbohydrates. Your body stores extra sugar as fat and keeping your blood glucose levels balanced means that you will be able to prevent this. Pectin also absorbs moisture, which makes you feel full and will lead you to eat less food.

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Staying hydrated is important when you are going through a diet, and hot water supports this. When you are properly hydrated, the chances are that you will eat less. This is because sometimes people think they are hungry and then eat when they are actually thirsty instead. Even though hot water does not require as many calories as cold water in digestion, it does not mean that you should make cold water a replacement for hot water. The differences are not significant, as the maximum additional calories that cold water requires is around 8. As long as you are drinking water, you will be fueling digestion and this uses calories.

Drinking hot water before you eat your meals will help you in your weight loss journey. There is a study published by the Obesity journal in 2010 who did a research on adults who are overweight. They were all required to follow a diet that is low in calories but some of them drank half a liter of water before their meals, and the rest did not. After 3 months, those who drank before their meals lost an additional 4 pounds when compared to the other group. Another study that the same journal published 3 years later also found that adults who are overweight but began to drink water before their meals experienced more weight loss than the participants of the study who did not.

Lemon Juice And Hot Water As A Replacement For High-Calorie Beverages

An important way in which the beverage of lemon juice and hot water beverage helps a person to lose weight is the use of it as a replacement for beverages that are high in calories. This will be significantly beneficial for you if you are currently consuming a lot of high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks that are sweetened with sugar. Two tablespoons of lemon juice only have 7 calories. Even if you added all the lemon pulp from a big lemon to your drink, it will only be 24 calories. This means that it is a beverage that is very low in calories, as long as you do not further modify the drink by giving it sweeteners that are high in calories.To give you a better idea of how much calories this is saving you from, you can compare a number of calories of the lemon juice and hot water beverage to calories that sweetened drinks contain. For example, a cup of cola that is sweetened has about 100 calories. That is only a small cup, which means that the standard cola that a fast food restaurant serves would have twice the amount of calories.

As losing weight requires a person to consume fewer calories than the number of calories that their body is burning, replacing the high-calorie beverages you usually drink with the lemon juice and hot water beverage can be a great start to reducing your calorie intake without losing the intake of nutrients you need. Knowing all of its benefits, there should be no reason not to try and incorporate the lemon juice and hot water beverage to your diet.