Italian Food Recipes For Dinner

Italian cuisine has evolved over the centuries undertaking a lot of external influences and changes. Italian food recipes have been heavily influenced by ancient Greek, ancient Rome and the Jews. The emergence of potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and maize, which now holds a central place in Italian foods happened only in the 18th century. Italian cuisine is rich in regional diversity, the range of different tastes and today is one of the most popular of international cuisines.

Polenta , easy dinner recipes for two

Polenta, easy dinner recipes for two

Italian food recipes rely on the simplicity of preparation, less number of ingredients and quality of the ingredients. Culturally, a variety of cheese and wine have become chief components of the cuisine. Traditionally, meals in Italy consist of 3 or 4 courses.  Italian food recipes can be classified as belonging to the ancient age, the middle ages, and the modern era. The differences in the preparations of these ages are mainly due to differences in the ingredients used and the methods adopted in cooking, refrigeration, and preservation. Italy abounds in culinary books right from ancient times and hence some very old cuisines have battled time and still remain popular.

Olive oil, a healthy oil, is most commonly used for sauces in Italian food recipes. Italian food uses a variety of ingredients ranging from fruits, vegetables, meats, sauces, spices, etc. Potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, rice, maize, and pork are commonly used items. Italy is famous for a range of dishes in which pasta products are chief ingredients. Pasta consists of noodles in various lengths, widths, and shapes and is known by different names as penne, spaghetti, linguine, macher oni, lasagna, etc. Further, pasta which is generally cooked by boiling comes in two basic styles, dried and fresh. While the fresh ones may last for two days in the refrigerator, the dried ones which don’t contain eggs can be shelved for up to two years. Nowadays, the whole wheat pasta is being increasingly preferred over the refined flour pasta because of its reported health benefits.

Here are four Italian food recipes you may be interested in:

  1. Polenta – it is served with Sopressa sausage and mushrooms, and is a popular traditional peasant food.
  2. Tiramisu – a regional dessert made with biscuits dipped in coffee, along with a layer of egg yolks, cocoa etc.
  3. Cassoeula – a regional winter dish prepared with cabbage and pork.
  4. Cannoli – a specialty of Sicilian pastries, delicious and suitable for special occasions.

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