How To Ripen Bananas

Tips on How to Ripen Bananas

Most people love to snack on bananas and may wonder how to ripen bananas.  Some people enjoy them firmly, with unblemished bright yellow skins.  Others prefer them slightly more ripened, with beginnings of black bruises appearing on the skin and the flesh a little softer.  When purchasing fruit, many prefer to buy slightly unripe bananas to take home and ripen themselves to the desired state.   How to ripen bananas is your choice; there are several methods that work.

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One method used is to place green or slightly ripe bananas in a paper bag.  Add an apple to the paper bag and close tightly.  The ethylene gas released by the apple affects the banana in such a way that it ripens it more quickly than just being in fresh air.  Green bananas should ripen within one to one and ½ days, while fruit that is already slightly ripened will mature within a day.   When asked how to ripen bananas quickly, most cooks will always be recommended this method.

Sometimes the produce market will have only immature bananas available for purchase; usually when a shipment first arrives.  This is how to ripen bananas that are fully green:  begin by dampening a dishtowel large enough to fully encase the bunch of bananas.  Wrap the green bananas completely in the dampened cloth, and then place the entire bundle into a large paper bag.  Include the apple, just as in the previous method.  Once the bananas have ripened to your taste, remove them from the dishcloth and paper bag.

If the fruit is just slightly under ripe, simply leaving them out on the countertop or hanging from a banana hook might be the best method on how to ripen bananas that won’t be eaten for a day or so.  This means of ripening is slower, which makes it ideal when shopping over the weekend for snacks that won’t be consumed until Monday.  It may also ensure the bananas will stay around long enough to last until Monday!

If you have another fruit that you need to learn how to ripen, bananas can be used to hasten the process.  Placing a fully ripened banana into a plastic bag along with a peach, pear or similar fruit will help the fruit to ripen.

Whichever method you decide to use on how to ripen bananas, once they are adequately ripened they can be placed in the refrigerator to stop the ripening process.  Cold slows or halts ripening, and even though the refrigeration may cause the skin of the banana to blacken, the fruit inside will remain delicious.

Try each of the methods.  Once you decide how to ripen bananas you have purchased in a way that works best for you, you will use it over and over again.  After all, bananas are the most popular fruit and perfect for any person of any age.

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