How to Prepare Healthy Smoothie Recipes

There are thousands of benefits one could avail of by incorporating smoothies in one’s diet plan. A healthy smoothie comes with a vitamin-packed goodness, which guarantees flattening of belly. It offers a delectable taste, which always aids in refreshing a person. It cools a person down, allowing him to think positively. Smoothies also provide essential nutrition to the body. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers could be availed of, by consuming smoothies in a regular manner. One could detoxify one’s body by ingesting a smoothie. Harmful and toxic wastes could be expelled from the body, with the help of a healthy and nutritious smoothie. One could stay disease-free for a longer duration of the year with the help of smoothies. With so many health benefits, it becomes really crucial to learn, how to prepare several healthy smoothie recipes.



There are numerous healthy smoothie recipes that are doing the rounds on the internet today. Almost all of them are immensely simple and easy to prepare. The basic thing that one requires to do while preparing a smoothie is the job of blending or mixing. It is important to buy a blender or a juicer having a good power, which promises to deliver the desired consistency in the prepared juice. Fruits, make healthy smoothies, if blended with greens. Greens like lettuce, spinach, and cilantro assist in providing vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body. Such greens are also packed with calcium, which is essential for the development of strong bones and teeth. Greens also assist in keeping a healthy and clean colon. Adding up greens in the smoothie ensures a disease-free lifestyle. It also promises a healthier and fit body in the long run. One could get rid of extra fat deposition, by encompassing smoothies in one’s diet plan and lifestyle. Following are some of the most healthy smoothie recipes which promise to deliver quality results within few weeks.

One of the recipes, from the bag of healthy smoothie recipes, is Spirulina Power Smoothie which is prepared by blending frozen berries and Spirulina powder with orange juices and low-fat yogurt. In order to sweeten the taste, one could also use honey or sugar with the above-mentioned mixture. There is a POM Breakfast Smoothie which boasts of providing essential antioxidants from the juice of pomegranate. Inclusion of banana in the mixture helps in providing potassium and indispensable calories for carrying out daily activities. Preparation is simple as it requires mixing or blending bananas, pomegranate juice, soy milk or low-fat milk, almonds, protein powder (optional), honey and ice together in a blender. (see also how to make a smoothie without milk or how to make a smoothie without blender)

Another recipe from the list of healthy smoothie recipes is of Wheatgrass smoothie. It can be made with orange, apple, frozen strawberries, wheatgrass, ice, and water. Perfect Purple Detox smoothie could be prepared by using acacia juice, soy milk, soy creamer, wild blueberries, banana, raspberries, flaxseed meal, ice, apple cider vinegar and cayenne powder. One could prepare Berry Healthy Breakfast Smoothie by blending blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, carrot, skimmed milk, pomegranate, and ice.

You’ll love these other healthy recipes, all of which are delicious, truly healthy. Click on the pictures below to access the rest of my simple dessert recipes, as well as my super easy fruit smoothie recipes!

Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes:

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