How to Make the Best Smoothie

an amazing smoothie. I would say the best in the world, and if not the best in the world, at the very least the most strange and new and exciting smoothie you’ll ever see. Why is it so strange and exciting you ask?

Well it’s very difficult to show how do you show texture and taste with this little experiment to show why this is such a strange smoothie.

How to make a best smoothie

How to make a best smoothie

You can prepare a glass of water, a smoothie and  a spoon ,just in case you didn’t know. Now I am going to take a spoon of my smoothie and place it into the water and you’ll notice it’s so airy and fluffy and it has such a weird texture that it floats and it repels the water, and just imagine how this tastes. Alright so now you’ve seen how strange and exciting this smoothie is, let’s get to making it. You’re going to need four ingredients, that’s :

  • apple, pineapple, avocado, and mint.
  • That’s it, for the decoration though you will need a bit of lemon and a raspberry or maybe a strawberry, something to just stick together,it’s fine.

Okay, so let’s get into making it.

Make Apple Juice For your apple juice just cut some apples in half or maybe in smaller bits if your machine can’t handle half apples, and you place them in and then you put this thing on top and now you just turn the machine on.

Making the Smoothie Alright now to make the smoothie, what you want to do is add a couple chunks of pineapple into the blender , just a little bit, add a little bit of apple juice, just do the measurements more or less. So you want to just mix it up,taste it, see the consistency and then change it. A piece of avocado, a little bit of mint,alright so now you turn the blender on , alright, perfect.

Now open it up and just take a taste. What has happened here is the avocado has made it extremely fluffy. I think maybe just a little more pineapple , now you really want to make sure you don’t add too much and you want to blend the pineapple thoroughly, if you don’t you get a very stringy smoothie and it’s not great, so you need a powerful blender.

If it’s very liquidy add some more avocado, if it’s a little bit too thick add some more apple juice, and if you don’t taste the fiber as much then you add a little bit more pineapple. You want to get that beautiful balance, now it’s very important to have this cold so what I do is I actually put all the ingredients into the fridge to cool them down, but that still isn’t quite enough so I add a little bit of ice and then blend it through at the end.

Alright, so look at that consistency, it’s such a weird consistency, so airy and fluffy and…it’s really light. It’s like a whipped cream but made out of fruit, it’s so weird and it’s all because of the avocado, it really makes such a strange texture.

Drink Garnish Alright, so to decorate your smoothie, what I have here is a piece of apple, and I am just going to slice it into very thin slices ,okay, that should do. Okay so you take a piece of apple, a chunk and you just press it into the glass, and this piece of apple will be your base where you build on your decoration. Now you take four leaves of mint and you just fan them out in your hand and you just place them on top of this, and now you take a toothpick and you punch it through ,perfect. Alright so now you take your apple slices which you just cut before and you’re just going to flip the bottom four the other way around, so the skin is facing opposite ways, and then you just take one corner of it and you punch it through the toothpick

— okay, perfect. Now you fan it out…beautiful. At this point you can take a look at it and maybe remove a couple of pieces of apple if you find it’s a bit too much or add a couple more if you find you want some more. Now you take an orange or a lemon and you just start cutting the skin and start cutting in a circular sort of path — just like so.

Perfect. Once you’ve done that you take your circular piece and you just curl it around and then you just want to punch this through so it goes through your toothpick and stays together. Now where the toothpick punches out you just put a little raspberry — done. And this is just a little bit more stunning way to present the smoothie than just putting it in a glass.

Okay, that is recipe of how to make an amazing smoothie.

I hope you guys enjoyed it,

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