How to Simple Make Mango Juice, Recipe and Benefits

Do you know the benefits of mango juice? And, how to make mango juice? Make mango juice is not a difficult job and can be done by anyone. Like, make other juice we just need to know what types of fruit and health benefits, should also know the equipment used, how to create, and how to use fruit juice in order to obtain maximum results.

What about the tools used to make mango juice? What is needed? Okay, the tools used, among others, blender, juice extractor/food processor, and soybean milk maker. The difference this tool lies in the consistency of the resulting juice. In addition to these three types of devices, are also needed tools supporting such a clean cutting board, sharp knife, paring carrots (Peeler), etc.

how to make mango juice

how to make mango juice

Blender or juicer is the most common tool for making mango juice or other juices. How to make juice with a blender is as follows:

a. Cut small pieces of fruit and vegetables that have been washed clean, and then insert it into the blender.
b. Add water or other additives.
c. Turn on the blender until knife play and destroy all ingredients until smooth.

Mango juice is made with the blender still contains fiber, either in the form of water-soluble dietary fiber or roughage in the form of waste that is not water soluble. With advances in technology has now created a blender with the blade rotation is very fast (> 18,000 rpm) so that the coarse fibrous fruit that can be refined to perfection.

Juice extractor to separate the pulp and juice of fruit or vegetable produced. So fruit juice can be drunk immediately. In making mango juice or another juice extractor there are two types of centrifugal and masticating. The significant difference lies in the process of preparing materials. Soybean milk maker is usually used to make soy milk or milk is other nuts such as green beans and red beans. Almost the same principle works with blender but is equipped with a filter so that the soy milk separated from the pulp. Those advantages by using this tool, we do not need to have the screening process again.



Things that need to be considered in making mango juice.

  1. Mangoes must be in fresh condition.
  2. Ripe mango fruit in optimum condition
  3. Fruit washed or cleaned before dismembered
  4. Provision of additional material in the manufacture of juice
  5. Juice drink soon after made
  6. How effective and efficient in consuming the juice
  7. The exact time in consuming the juice

The content of nutrients and phytonutrients in mango juice.

  • Vitamin C, provitamin A (carotenoids), vitamin E, and niacin
  • Mineral phosphorus, calcium, and potassium
  • Flavonoids
  • Fiber

Benefits Of Mango Juice

  • As a disinfectant for the body and cleanse the blood.
  • Lowering the body heat
  • Eliminates body odor
  • As an anticancer and antioxidant
  • Streamlining the digestive tract and prevent constipation (see also prune juice for constipation)

Mango juice or other fruit juice is usually made to optimize the benefits from the nutrients contained in fruits or vegetables. Maybe that’s all I can for what I know to answer the questions How to Make Mango Juice?

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