How to Make a Fabulous Frozen Fruit Smoothie

This easy to make smoothie is great because it’s a well balanced breakfast plus it’s really fun to make with kids and you can use up any left over fruit that you might have. It’s cheap, it’s easy to do and it’s two of your five a day. This makes enough for two servings and all you’re gonna’ need is a banana, some frozen fruit,oats, nuts, some natural yoghurt, milk, some honey if you want to add it and a blender.

So you’re just gonna’ wack all of this in the blender and blend it up, that is why it’s fun to make with kids because it’s so simple, they can see it all blending together they get excited about food and being in the kitchen and that is so important, it’s what food revolution day is all about.

How to make it :

for all the information. Ok, so the first thing that you’re going to do is add your ripe banana to your blender and you’re gonna do this, peeling it and then just put some nice big chunks of banana in. Ok, now it’s time to add the frozen fruit, you can buy this from supermarkets in bags which is really cheap to do and really easy but here’s a top tip and something I like to do when I’ve got fruit at home and it’s almost about to go off I freeze it, put it in little freezer bags, keep it until I’m ready to use it and it means you’re not gonna’ waste any of that fruit.

So you want roughly a handful or a cupful of those frozen berries to be added. Two heaped tablespoons of natural yoghurt, this is going to give it such a nice creamy flavour so wack that in. Now, to add the oats I’m gonna’ take these and add one handful and that’s gonna’ give it such a nice texture to the smoothie.

If you’re having this for breakfast add another handful then that’s one per portion and it’s really going to keep you going. Next add a handful of nuts. This is such a great source of unsaturated fats and protein, I love the flavour and taste that nuts bring to the smoothie so pop them in. So to loosen this up I’m gonna’ use a glass of skimmed milk.

how to make Smoothie with Frozen Fruit

how to make Smoothie with Frozen Fruit

You can use other milks like soya or almond milk you can even add a glass of juice like this one here, that’s apple juice. But, juice means you’re adding more sugar. Milk is a great source of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, those vitamins and minerals are really important for kids for healthy bone development and growth so add that in and you can also add a little bit so mix it up and if you think you need some more milk blend a bit more in later. Now you can add some honey if you want at this point but I think it’s gonna be sweet enough just as it is so the last thing to do, crack on and blend it. And that is done, I am so excited to try this. Have a look at this, look at this colour, such a nice colour. Perfect texture,

how to make a smoothie with frozen fruit (strawberry)

how to make a smoothie with frozen fruit (strawberry)

now I’m gonna’ serve this straight up into a glass but i’ve got a really fun tip for you, you can actually just pour this straight into a lolly mold and then freeze it. So it’s such a healthy tasty snack and so fun for kids to have. Ok, let’s taste it my favourite bit. Creamy, you can taste that fruit come through, the nuts, they are definitely a good idea in this, I love the taste of nuts in a smoothie. Delicious, the fabulous frozen.

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