How to Make A Coffee Smoothie

How to Make A Coffee Smoothie For Coffee Addict

What do you think if you can combine coffee and smoothies into a drink? Everyone here must be experiencing the whole steps of making fruit smoothie. It is a kind of alternative easy to make healthy drink. Then how about smoothie with coffee? It will be useful to talk about a coffee smoothie.

If you prefer to begin your day with a kick of coffee, you can try having an usual coffee. Boost your day with a coffee smoothie, flavor it to your taste.So, coffee lovers, here are some ingredients that is really needed to be prepared.

Coffee Smoothie

Coffee Smoothie

How to make it :

The First Trick, you can put enough amount of low fat milk. Nowadays it is easy to find them up in the modern market. The amount is 8 ounces. Basically it is free for you to determine the amount of this milk. Just adjust it to your flavor.

After that, prepare a single table spoon of instant coffee. Remember, the instant coffee. It will make the coffee is blended well including its taste and color in a couple of minutes in blending process. To produce greater taste and quality of a coffee smoothie, you can put high quality coffee as a solution. The coffee itself can be got from a premium coffee brand for sure. Once you get them properly, you can prepare next material which is a table spoon of flavored creamer. The presence of creamer will improve the taste and sweetness.

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Do not use any type of sugar because it will take away the power of coffee as main ingredients. When you are ready with all the material, put also 10 large ice cubes as the completion. Add all these materials into the proper blender for ice blending. Set your blender into its strongest power. This will make your smoothie is smoother. Blend them off until smooth, as you know the result will be very thick because it has large amount of ice cube.

How to make Coffee Smoothie

How to make Coffee Smoothie

However, once you taste it, you will want to make it every day. After the blending is done, just pour it to the comfortable glass for smoothie.

you can also try :

coffie ice smoothies :

  • one cup of milk, cold
  • one cup of coffee,
  • two teaspoons of sugar, depends on how sweet you like
  • two heaping tablespoons vanilla pudding
  • five cups of small ice cubes

Mix all of the ingredients into the blender and mix until no ice remain. It is very tasty, It gives you another experience enjoying the coffie.

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